Problem with A800S SD card with class 10 128GB SDXC card

Hi, I have an SD card class 10 of 128 gb formatted FAT32 filesystem (Photo  as shown below)

128GB SD card with FAT32 formatted on windows (Photo  as shown below)

and it show this message. Please upgrade the software to support SDcard 128gb.

Though it can record normally, there is video file in the sdcard, though i cannot access the UI in the 70mai A800s Dashcam, any button is not responsive, only can access thru the WIFI smartphone app.

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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    Samsung EVO Plus microSD U3 series will help you.
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  • Liviuu98 2 Months+
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    70mai Samsung EVO Plus microSD U3 series will help you.
    I have this SD card (128 GB version) and it is not working.. Formatting fails
    2 Months+
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    Liviuu98 I have this SD card (128 GB version) and it is not working.. Formatting fails ...
    Your card is damaged on the bottom side. You need new one.
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  • Liviuu98 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1622101960131 Your card is damaged on the bottom side. You need new one.

    It works perfectly on other devices

    1 Months+
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