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Hi 70Mai Team,

I bought Rearviw Dash Cam Wide with Parking surveillance kit, and had that installed properly. When I park a car, turn ignition off, it records only movement when I am leaving the car. But when I return back to car, try to initiate some recording (simulating someone hit a bumper on a parking or so) by pushing a car up to the point it swings sideways, it does not trigger video recording. I set up surveillance sensitivity to high, but it does not triggers. But, it DOES record when I leave the car, and it notify me that next time I turn ignition on. That proves that it works, but I don't know why it is not triggered by my simulation - pushing a car? I can tell you that I swing a car pritty much - it swings about 10-15cm sideways when I push it.


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    I have the same problem but with 70mai dash cam  pro plus , i even update the firmware to the last version and hope that will fix it but it didn't help.

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    same problem with 70mai dash cam  pro plus, the camera does not triger video recording
    the car must be hit by train so the colision to be detected,
    what to do ?
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    me too
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