Two reasons why I will be returning 70mai pro and gps

Due to the lack of setting the GPS to MPH and inability to download videos with speed/location I will be returning the 70mai pro and gps that I received today.   I've investigated the 70mai a800 and determined it lacks these same two features.

Not sure why anyone in the US would want GPS that could only report KPH.


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    There's another thread with guidance how to extract the speed/location from the video when playing it on Windows. As for KPH/MPH, it could be implemented as a small change in that tool, but I guess that's no longer relevant since you're returning yours.
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    Dave, the A500S and A800S have added this option in the setting list. You can have a try and share your ideas to us. We've much willing to hear from you.
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    I'm the author of the program that can extract GPS data from the camera videos. Currently it shows speed only in km/h but I guess I could add support for MPH.
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