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Most of the time, chimes and beeps are used for warning sound-in built in systems of cars like blinkers, seat belts, check engine, parking sensor etc., instead of human voices.

I think It would be nice if there are such alternative sounds to English speaking female voice warnings for lane change, car movement, and collision detection.

I believe such a feature should be relatively easy to implement.

And It would be even better if we could select our own sound file from the SDCard, altough I am sure that would be harder to implement.

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    Voice alerts are fucking dump.

    I'm also unable to read one of them - when car against you drive away while you're standing: what the hell does alert mean? The first word?
    > "__oś__ detected of vehicle ahead" wut?
    Alert should also been played around 0,5 second later than It's already is...

    Another of them (line change alert) is so dump that it's totally unusable on highways and I've turned it off after 2 minutes of use.
    It should alert only on cases while constant driving on one road line, not on any line switch every time. Should occur only after long constant drive, when driver might drop off after boring road.
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    And one more idea to the line change alert for developers:

    I know it's impossible to integrate dash cam with car systems, but if there's hardware capabilities maybe cam may use build-in microphone to listen and recognize enabled blinker sound of car and interpret that as "conscious line change by driver" and not to alert in that case?
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    For this feature request I've joined this forum! Please please make an option to use beep sounds for such events - would be nice to specify for what alerts the beep sound should it, for example for accident recording (I don't remember the alert name) it would be ok to stay as it is now, i.e. 'recording video' or sth like that. 

    A configurable delay for 'car moving' also would be a great feature - don't say that if I started to move, that's it (especially if there's ADAS and GPS signal with a lil bit of video analysis). 

    Suggestion to turn off change alert when there's blinker sound - nice, but I'm not sure if doable/reliable. 

    Pretty please with cherry on top, add some of those features! :)
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    can we hear any updates about this, please?
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    Any update?
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