Removing the device by sliding down or left/right instead of up Appearance

Is there a Do-It-Yourself solution to mount the device in such a way that it is fixed on the top most part of the windshield and then to be able to remove the device by sliding it down or left/right instead of up? (since it can't go up if you mount it at the top of the windshield).

I want to mount it as high as possible near the top edge of the windshield so it is not too much visible from the outside, but I can not since you have to stick the bracket and then slide the camera down into the bracket. Any solutions to overcome this?


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    Of course this is not a solution, but..
    I have mounted my device at the top edge of windshield. I just sticked the bracket with camera already slided in. I'm not going to remove it anytime soon
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    If you have a tinted strip on the top of your windshield as most cars have so the camera video will be dark. If you have a clear top windshield than you can stick the bracket/gps unit with the camera attached and worry latter in the future how you will remove it. 
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