TPMS Lite Left Rear (LR) Unit Defective/Not Functioning

I recently noticed that my Left Rear (LR) is not functioning. I had a puncture on my Left Rear tyre but the TPMS still showing 31 degree Celsius and 2.0 Bar when the tyre is already flat ☹

I took out the LR sensor and the receiver device didn’t beep indicating missing reading. When I remove other sensor from my tyre, the receiver will beep and showing no reading.

I enclosed a small video whereby you can see I remove the LR sensor and the receiver didn’t show error in reading for the LR.

I even tried to replace the battery but still the LR sensor didn’t update any reading on the receiver?

Please help as I do not want to have another flat tire without any indication from the TPMS showing me there is a puncture.

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  • Giulietta 2020-8-21
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    I have the same issue. But I think is a receiver issue. It seems that is frozen with the last value catched.
    Now I removed the receiver from the car but the receiver doesn't change behavior.
    I try to keep the receiver very far from the tires.
    The main issue is that I don't know how to reset the receiver.
    I hope that anyone can help us about that.
    Thank you for your support. 
  • M-DRV_1591453161388 10 Months+
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    Yeah mine is still stuck like that the very same. Not sure what has happened and I even resort to replace the battery on the LR unit and yet still the same happening.
    Did you managed to do anything to resort/fix it?
    Writing e-mail to 70mai Support goes to nowhere as they don't even reply...
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  • RazNaRok 12 Days+
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    I have same issue.
    The LR reading is stuck at last catched pressure.
    It keeps reading 2.1bar with 21*Celsius.
    Already did try to replace the battery with no effect.
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