70mai TPMS ,suggestion for improvement

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I am a user of your 70mai TPMS system
I would really like the sensors to send readings to the receiver in a standing position of the car. Here is an example - I pulled the wheel at night, I sat down and drove off, and the sensor is interrogated only in motion. Can I somehow do it programmatically so that when the receiver module is activated, the readings are read if the pressure drops?
here in the old TPMS Mongoose 450 system, here the sensors always give evidence if the pressure on a standing car has changed dramatically
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    inability to change the displayed values on both the app and the Receiver Unit from Celsius and Bar to Fahrenheit and PSI. The option to change the values is apparently included in the app but disabled for some reason. The main unit start instant but the sensors may still be in sleep mode.... the display show the last recieved data. It show correct values again after driving the car for a certain period of time. maybe an update help? 
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