Hello guys and the 70mai official engineers, 

I have just purchased a 70mai pro dash cam from the official store, I have been using before the xiaomi mija cam and thought that this was a good upgrade, I have the GPS module as well and the ADAS functions work well. 

The only thing that is an issue for me is that almost everyone else in the world has the update with the coordinates and speed. Me, despite buying the GPS does not have this feature. 

There are no updates on the official app downloaded from playstore. I downloaded the app via the QR code on the camera and there it requires me to have a mainland china phone linked to my account to log in, so since I am not in China that is not possible. 

Also despite buying it from the official store, there is no warranty if it is flashed, otherwise it is a 3 month warranty period. Could someone please from the 70mai official or from the forum please guide me which software has the GPS coordinates and speed while keeping all the functions of the camera, there were also other important updates like removal of the logo(not really a big deal for me) and improvement of the camera and parking mode(shortened time to activate maybe) according to my research the 1.0.6 firmware was stable without any issues. 

I would appreciate if someone could share the firmware which keeps the english menu and english functionalities and also has the GPS speed and coordinates and other functions. Thank you. Or if they could guide me the proper way to install it without having to flash the camera manually because it is 2 days old. 

Also on other camera this update is there but not for the one I got although both are midrive02

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