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I am able to play MP4 files from Normal_s, Event_s and Parking_s folders (the small MP4 files). But not from Normal, Event and Parking folders (the large MP4 files).  Could any one help in this issue? I use Windows Media Player. It could be a problem with a missing codec, but where to find it and how to download it?

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    Please try to download K-Lite codec pack. 
    I'm using K-Lite 14.7.5 + Media Player Classic to play MP4 video files form DashCam Pro without any problems on Win10. Now the newest avaiilable version is 15.3.2.

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    M-DRV_1573226073377 Please try to download K-Lite codec pack.& ...
    Thank you so much for your replies, bro. Thank you!!
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    M-DRV_1573226073377 Please try to download K-Lite codec pack.& ...
    Sorry for the inconvenience, we think that you want to tell us you can not find a media player to play the video.

    You can use VLC and MPC to play the videos. 
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    Hi. I have the same problem.
    When I try to play the mp4 file at windows mediaplayer, this message appears: "server execution error".
    I've already installed the k-lite codec pack, and followed some tutorials, but nothing worked.
    The VLC didn't work as well.
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    Regarding to the "server execution error".message

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