Teathering Problems Guidance

Tethering Problems:
Whether Tethering works on the phone can depend on the (phones) Service Provider and any restrictions imposed by the Provider.


1)    Create  a new Access Point and call it Tether (the name is irrelevant)
2)    Go to Settings->>Wireless & Networks->>Mobile Networks->>Access Point Names->>Click the left button->>choose 'New APN'
3)    Copy all the settings from the original Access point (Your carrier)
4)    Change the APN Type from "default,mms,supl" to "default,mms,dun" on the new APN
5)    Save the new APN (this is important to ensure that the settings are saved).
6)    Make the new APN current.
7)    Set up the Portable WiFi Hotspot with security as per instructions.

It may not work the FIRST time
8)   Turn phone Off/On.
9)    Made sure that the new APN is set to current and again set up the Portable WiFi Hotspot.

It should now work.

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