Speed and GPS coordinates not showing after installing GPS module and updating to latest firmware APP download ADAS Speed&location disappearance GPS recognition

I had installed the 70mai GPS module in my 70mai Dashcam Pro today. 

I had also updated the app and the firmware in the dashcam to the latest version
My app version is 1.4.0 and the firmware version on the dashcam is 1.0.7na.

I have also performed the calibration on the GPS module and it was all set. All the ADAS functions are working properly.

But the GPS coordinates and speed is not showing in the dashcam. Kindly solve my problem. I bought the GPA module only for this sole feature. But its not showing now.

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  • M-DRV_1563478534426 2019-11-16
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    Hello, i have similarly. No information of speed and position, after upgrade app to version 1.4.0 and camera firmware to version 1.0.7na.

    Can You fix it?
  • M-DRV_1573226073377 2019-11-19
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    If so, the GPS option is useless
  • 70mai 2019-11-20
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    @M-DRV_1555058914618 1. The latest App has the option to close the location&speed watermark. You can check your settings first. 2. You can not see location&speed when recording, you can only see this info in your video.
  • M-DRV_1555058914618 2019-11-21
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    M-DRV_1573226073377 If so, the GPS option is useless
    @M-DRV_1573226073377- I got the Speed and Location data on the recorded videos only when viewed on the Dashcam or through the 70mai app. The data are not showing on the live video and also on the downloaded videos presently.
  • M-DRV_1555058914618 2019-11-21
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    70mai @M-DRV_1555058914618 1. The latest App has the option to close the location&speed watermark. You ...
    @70mai- Thanks for the reply, I got the sped and GPS co ordinates on the recorded video. Perhaps after the latest firmware update the speed and location data is not showing on the live video. I checked the recorded videos and played in the dashcam and also through the app and got the speed and gps data there on the video. I hope 70mai would make the upgrades for getting the speed and location on the downloaded videos too which is presently not available.
  • M-DRV_1555058914618 2019-11-21
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    M-DRV_1563478534426 Hello, i have similarly. No information of speed and position, after upgrade app to version 1.4.0 an ...
    @M-DRV_1563478534426- Hello, I got a mail from the service team of 70mai. They told that the Speed and GPS co ordinates would be shown only on the recorded videos when previewed in the dashcam or through the app. The co ordinates and speed would not be shown on the live video like in the 1.0.5 version. I checked my video lists and played the videos on the dashcam and also  through the app, and all the GPS and speed data was present. Moreover as usual the downloaded videos also do not display the speed and GPS data.
  • M-DRV_1567397843620 2019-11-21
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    The device and 70MAI APP version are displayed differently

    If you check the version in 70mai app settings, it will look the same as the device
  • 70mai 2019-11-21
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    M-DRV_1555058914618 @70mai- Thanks for the reply, I got the sped and GPS co ordinates on the recorded video. Perhaps aft ...
    Yeah, exactly. We have already working on this, but it takes some time to be finished. You will see this update in the future.
  • Amicus 2019-11-24
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    I have updated to version 1.0.7na.
    There were no any problems.
    I can see gps and coordinates on recorded video.
    ADAS  calibration has finished successfully.

    最后于 2019-11-27 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • M-DRV_1555058914618 2019-11-27
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    70mai Yeah, exactly. We have already working on this, but it takes some time to be finished. You will see ...
    @70mai Thanks. Hoping that the update comes out soon.
  • M-DRV_1563478534426 2019-11-27
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    M-DRV_1555058914618 @M-DRV_1563478534426- Hello, I got a mail from the service team of 70mai. They told that the Speed a ...

    I know it is solved this way, although like most users I would prefer the option of integration with the recording so that it is visible on other video players. My notification concerned that even in the 70mai App you could not see the speed after upgrading the camera to 1.0.6 and then to 1.0.7.

    But I found a solution. Factory Setting Restory on the webcam is the solution. It fixed it.
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