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Amicus 2019-11-6 28136

70mai Dash Cam Pro stores GPS data inside MP4 video but 70mai A500 and A800 cameras stores GPS data in GPSData000001.txt inside .GPS folder.

It's possible to extract GPS info from MP4 video to the SRT subtitle file. Video players will show those data as a subtitles while playing.
I have made free program for extraction GPS data from 70mai Dash Cam Pro70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 and 70mai A800 Dash Cam MP4 video to the SRT, KML and GPX file.

You can read about it on my web site http://amicus.ba.

Current version: V3.3.3. Last update: September, 19. 2021.

You can download install version: WinMp4Extract install 

Or you can download portable version: WinMp4Extract portable

Please, support WinMp4Extract development by small donation:


(Extract RAR archive, start WinMp4Extract.exe, choose MP4 video recording from 70mai dash cam Pro and GPS data will be extracted).

Program is now multi language. It's translated to the Bosnian and Hungarian language.

Thanx to the idea for exporting data to the GPX format that came from Łukasz (comment form my web site) program can now export data to the GPX format.

Program will create SRT, KML and GPX file with the same name as the MP4 video in the same folder.

After importing KML file to Google earth (just doubleclick on .kml file) I get landmarks as on the image below.

Placemarks now show speed. First and last placemark are clickable.

GPX file imported into the Google Earth looks like this (you need to choose File\Import from Google Earth). In order to import GPX file in Google Earth you need to Open Google Earth Pro, choose Import, choose to show All files and select GPX file for import. Google Earth Pro will show small window. Mark all three options and click OK:

For program to work, you must install net framework 4.6.1. on your Windows PC.

I'm the author of the the program and GPS data extraction engine for 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 and 70mai A800 Dash Cam.

Forum user M-DRV_15764775 provided functions for GPS data extraction for 70mai Dash Cam Pro.

Program can be used free of charge and doesn't contain any advertisement or spam.

I will appricate any donation as it will be used for further program development.

I have provided Bosnian translation and gidano provided Hungarian translation.

最后于 9 Months+ 被Amicus编辑 ,原因: I have updated WinMp4Extract program
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  • Amicus 2019-11-6
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    For download you need to click on 'Download' button on the right (Above Donate button), tick 'Nisam robot' (I'm not a robot), solve CAPTCHA, click on 'Nastavi' (Continue), mark 'Prihvatam navedene uslove' (I accept terms) and click on the 'Download' button bellow.

    最后于 2020-11-20 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • M-DRV_1577366389161 2019-12-26
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    Another utility to extract the GPS data from the 70mai MP4 files, on Linux:
    Just compile the program and run.
  • Amicus 2019-12-29
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    I have updated WinMp4Extract.
    Now, after program extracts GPS data, moves MP4 video, SRT and KML files to the Done folder inside project folder.
    If extracted files exist in folder Done, program will offer you to replace them with new or leave them.
  • Amicus 2020-2-24
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    I have updated WinMp4Extract to version V1.2.2.
    I have fixed one bug - false detections of missing generated KML and SRT files.
    Install version was missing mp4extract.exe - that was fixed in this release.
  • Roman 2020-4-1
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    I do everything according to the instructions, but when I enter the command to the video so it tells me that the file does not exist.  Any advice? My english bad - google translator :)
  • Amicus 2020-4-2
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    Can you post screenshot of the message you get? I don't remember that program has message File doesn't exist.

  • Roman 2020-4-3
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    I send link to photos. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3x49wwztz4hoeov/AACSSxVGcZQzFMEn0cCBpOsga?dl=0
    Maybe not work therefore that my system is 32 bit?
  • Amicus 2020-4-4
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    What file do you starting? You need to doubleclick on WinMp4Extract (file with icon of the 70mai camera).
    Then you will get main window as on the images in my post.
    Try and let me know how it went.
  • Roman 2020-4-7
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    Ok. Thanks for advice.
    Everything works as it should but then the program writes that there is no gps data in the video and I have a camera with gps. Where can there be a problem?
  • Roman 2020-4-7
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    I download and install English firmware v.1.0.8na (SSH, auto create SRT / KML / GPX with GPS + USB STORAGE)
    but the program also writes that there is no gps data in the video.
  • Amicus 2020-4-10
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    Did you try to select the same video file again?
    When program show you no gps data message, try to select it again and repeat extracting.
  • Roman 2020-4-15
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    I've tried it multiple times, but always without success.

  • Amicus 2020-4-17
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    Do you see GPS data from that video inside 70mai app? I will check when it happents and try to repeat result you have.

    最后于 2020-4-17 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • Amicus 2020-4-17
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    OK, I have found what is your problem.
    As I can see from attached images, you have copied files to your desktop.
    Windows are blocking something because files are on the desktop, and program can't extract data.
    I have copied my files on desktop and got the same result as you are.

    Can you, please, move gps folder to the root of the C partition (or better to the D if you have another partition) so path will be C:\gps or D:\gps?
    Then, when you click Choose MP4 video, make sure to select video from C:\gps folder.

    Now it will work.

    Beside that, you can try install version of the program. That version will install all needed files to the Program files folder and you will have all needed rights.

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    Hey Amicus, see my link to pastebin above - if you integrate this into your tool, you won't need the mp4extract and gps executables.
  • Roman 2020-4-17
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    I installed the install version of winmp4 to pc but the same problems repeat as before. So I gave up :). Now I installed English firmware v.1.0.8na (SSH, auto create SRT / KML / GPX with GPS + USB STORAGE) and then I used soft Dash cam aka Registrator viewer and there it works ok.
    Thank you for your willingness to address this issue.
  • Amicus 2020-4-18
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    M-DRV_1576477583462 Hey Amicus, see my link to pastebin above - if you integrate this into your tool, you won't need the ...
    Hello. I will take look at that.
    I will try to integrate it to the .net project.
    I will let you know how it went.
  • Amicus 2020-4-18
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    M-DRV_1577366389161 Another utility to extract the GPS data from the 70mai MP4 files, on Linux: https://pastebin.com/ra ...
    It's written in C.
    Do you have Visual Basic code?
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    Sure: https://pastebin.com/vGZWUb98
  • Amicus 2020-4-22
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    M-DRV_1576477583462 Sure: https://pastebin.com/vGZWUb98

    @M-DRV_1576477583462 Thank you for your code.
    I have just tried it and it works.
    I need to optimize my program to work with your functions for GPS data extraction, to dumpit to SRT file and to make some error handling and I will post new version.
    It seems quite fast.
    Thanx again

  • 70mai 2020-4-22
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    @ Amicus  Is that possible to import the GPS records, which was extracted by GUI,  to google maps to check the GPS tracking route?

  • Amicus 2020-4-22
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    Basically it is. I just need to create export to KML file which is kind of XML.
    I will create test export just to confirm if it is possible.
    Later I can include that as another expirt option.
    I will let you know how it went.
  • Amicus 2020-4-22
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    I can confirm that I can export GPS data to the KML file that can be imported in Google Earth or any other program that can work with KML files.
  • Amicus 2020-4-23
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    I have just updated program to version V2.0.1.
    This version doesn't use command line tools for extracting GPS data.
    Thanx to the forum user M-DRV_15764775 program has it's own engine for extracting GPS data from 70mai Pro MP4 videos.
    I suggest you to download and nstall new version (links are in first post) because it's much simplier to use and faster.

    Program extracts GPS data from MP4 video and creates SRT and KML files.

    Please fell free to post suggestions or errors you find in the program.

  • Roman 2020-4-23
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    Hi Amicus,
    the program finally works 100% for me. Thank you for your patience and I believe that this program will help other users as well. Of course, I also thank the user M-DRV_15764775. Program is very simpl. The program is very easy to use.

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    Hey Amicus and Roman, I'm really happy to hear this code was helpful.
    This forum won't let me change my username, but on Telegram and Twitter my handle is freezer52000.
  • 70mai 2020-4-24
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    Roman Hi Amicus, the program finally works 100% for me. Thank you for your patience and I believe that th ...
    Well, congratulations!
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    Hi Amicus, good job for the project of retrieving GPS data from video file. But ...there is a problem.
    I tried to extract GPS data. It give me two files, .SRT and .KML. The SRT file it's okay if you want to use as a subtitle for video, but KML have a big problem. The problem is that the timeline is missing. For each coordinate the time is missing. In the SRT file the timeline is correct but not in the KML file. I tried to use map overlay using KML but it's not working.
  • Amicus 2020-4-25
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    Hello. Thank you for the kind words. 
    I have tested KML file with Google Earth and I get all the points on the map without any problems.
    But regarding time - It's correct. I don't export time into the KML file.

    I will look for official KML specification and apply it.
    Thank you for your observation.
  • Amicus 2020-4-26
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    I have just updated WinMp4Extract to version 2.1.3.
    I have added new options, as showing/hiding max. speed in SRT file, showing/hiding GPS coordinates in SRT file, showing/hiding speed statistics on main window, adding timestamp in to the KML file.

    @M-DRV_1587770514597  I have found the way to add TimeStamp to the KML file. I couldn't find the way to read date/time from the video and I have taken date and time from the name of the video.
    If somebody has changed the name, prgram will read date and time from video properties.
    Please try now overlay and let me know the result.
    I have tested it with Google Erth and it looks good. If I doubleclick first point, all other disapear. Then I double click the name of the KML file and all other points are shown one after anothr in direction of driving.
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    hi, i always tried to download this amazing program but always says it cannot connect. even the site http://amicus.ba can not connect over here, do you guys have any suggestion?
  • Amicus 2020-4-27
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    M-DRV_1582807953594 hi, i always tried to download this amazing program but always says it cannot connect. even the site ...
    I just clicked link in first post and got download page.
    I will check if I can send the program to you via private messages

    Try again to download using links from first post.
    Other people download without problems.
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    Hi Amicus, good news about updating the software. I don't have time to try it now, but i'm sure that is perfect. Thank you.
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    thank you again, well when i put the kml file at google earth it goes to africa and I live in Brazil, i think i understand the issue, my location is S7.94766 W34.89323 google earth just see this as 7.94766 (positive)/(north) and 34.89323 (positive) (east) when then right coordenate for south and west is negative -7.94766 and -34.89323. I hope you can understand me and fix it, thank you very much.
  • Amicus 2020-4-28
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    O hello Brazil :)
    It's good that you we have chance to test videos from southern hemisphere.
    If c1 = "N" Or c1 = "S" Then
    Your script for reading GPS data treats data from norhern and southern hemisphere in the same way. That means that GPS coordinates in the camera videos are always positive.
    But, of course, ther is letter N or S which defines hemisphere.
    I'm fixing that. I will add minus (-) sign for sothrent hemisphere longitudes.
    The same goes for western latitudes (W).
    Thank you again for your observations.
  • Mazda CX-9 2020-4-28
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    Amicus Hi. I just clicked link in first post and got download page. I will check if I can send the progra ...
    Thank you a lot for this program @Amicus. The last update is working good on Windows 10 64 bit. Loving the new speed statistics and the kml file working fine on Google earth. 
  • Amicus 2020-4-28
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    Mazda CX-9 Thank you a lot for this program @Amicus. The last update is working good on Windows 10 64 bit. Lovi ...
    You are welcome.
    If you have idea what else option could be added, please share it here.
    If it's possible, i will implement it.
  • Amicus 2020-5-1
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    I'm thinking about adding batch extract option that will extract GPS data for all videos in selected folder.
    What do you think about it?
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    nice Idea
  • Amicus 2020-5-5
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    I have just updated WinMp4Extract to version 2.2.3. (check first post)
    I have added new option - program now can do batch extraction.

    You can now select folder and program will extract GPS data from all videos in one step.

    Videos that doesn't have GPS data will be skipped.

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    Amicus I'm thinking about adding batch extract option that will extract GPS data for all videos in selected ...
    Another idea is to embed the subtitles directly in the MP4. This would allow playback using simpler video players, and also easier upload to YouTube etc.
    If you have ffmpeg installed (or packaged with the tool), the command to embed subtitles is:
    ffmpeg.exe -i NO20200505-105610-002272.MP4 -i NO20200505-105610-002272.MP4.srt -c copy -c:s mov_text outfile.mp4
  • Amicus 2020-5-6
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    M-DRV_1576477583462 Another idea is to embed the subtitles directly in the MP4. This would allow playback using simpler ...
    It's good idea.
    I will try to implement it.

    I was thinking about making video player that will read GPS data directly from dashcam video.
    But I don't have a time for such project now.
    Maybe in the future.
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    Could you put the source code to a git repository? Would be fun to look at the code. :) 
    Another thing is, could you connect with GoogleMaps API somehow and put the GPS data straight to GoogleMaps?
    Also it would be good if we could set the interval to extract data.

    Thanks for your work!
  • Amicus 2020-5-9
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    I looked in to Google API because I wanted to read altitude, but I could't find free way of using it. I'm not prepared to pay for using Google API.

    Interval for data extraction is set by the  data in the video. As I know, camera is storing GPS data once per second. According to that, I can set longer but not shorter interval than 1 second but I don't see why would I skip any GPS point on video that can be long from 1 to 3 minutes.
    If people want to lower GPS point resolution, I can implement that.
    Please write your oppinion here.
  • Amicus 2020-5-17
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    I have just updated WinMp4Extract to version 2.3.3. (check first post)
    I have added new option - now it's possible to choose GPS data extraction interval.

    You can read GPS data every 1, 2, 3,  5 or 10 seconds.

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    hey, can you please update it by dropbox for me?
  • Amicus 2020-5-18
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    M-DRV_1582807953594 hey, can you please update it by dropbox for me?

    Sorry, I don't use dropbox.

  • Amicus 2020-5-31
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    Check first post - there is new version of the program.
    After you import KML file, you can now see speed data for every placemark. First and last are clickable.
    Currently I'm showing name of the MP4 video and speed.
    Do you have suggestion what else to show?
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    please update in another server, i can't open your page, always even in 4G, i think it's blocked in Brazil 
  • Amicus 2020-6-3
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    M-DRV_1582807953594 please update in another server, i can't open your page, always even in 4G, i think it's blocked in ...
    I don't see the reason why it will be blocked.
    My hosting provider is in the Netherlands and no one has been complaining about acces to ma web site.

    Send me your email on private messages and I will send it to you by email.
  • Amicus 2020-6-9
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    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.5.0).
    I have added export to the GPX file format. Program can now export data to the SRT, KML and GPX format. (check the first post).
  • DS3 2020-6-10
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    Hello Amicus! Firstable, congrats for the application. It's totally geniusly and I appreciate very much your efffort to provide us a solution and workaround that supposely be done by the manufacturer (what is a shame). Anyways congrats! My feedback is related the portal where you provide the application. Definetely is not reachable from Brazil network segment. Probably the server where is hosted, do not allow requests from Brazilian network range. Just to you have an idea, I downloaded a VPN software, connects to US via VPN and from there I was able to reach your site, then download. To make the things easy to everyone here, as well contribute with something, I share the latest version on G-Drive by the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11iJd8Fsx_P1DkOZ3MX0dGyARVpn2ABWa/view?usp=sharing

  • Amicus 2020-6-11
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    Thank you DS3. I'm glad to hear that you find my program useful.
    I have contacted my hosting provider about blocked access from Brasil.
    They will look for blocked IPs.
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    M-DRV_1577366389161 Another utility to extract the GPS data from the 70mai MP4 files, on Linux: https://pastebin.com/ra ...
    The linux code link is expired, please post again.
  • Amicus 2020-7-3
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    M-DRV_1593598064439 The linux code link is expired, please post again.
    I haven't created any Linux version of the WinMp4Extract.
    This is thread about my Windows version of the WinMp4Extract program.
  • Amicus 2020-7-13
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    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.6.0).
    Program can now calculate traveled distance and show it in SRT file. Total traveled distance is shown on main window. (check the first post). 
    Idea came from Rob (http://amicus.ba visitor)
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    website still not working in Brazil :/ 
  • Amicus 2020-7-14
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    M-DRV_1582807953594 website still not working in Brazil :/

    As I said - please send me IP from which you couldn't access ma web site and I will forward it to my hosting provider to check firewall rules.

  • 0 Quote 60Floor
    M-DRV_1593598064439 The linux code link is expired, please post again.
    I would also like to have the Linux code, then it would be easier to build scripts for batch processing.
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    Hello, amicus,
    I've just installed portable 2.6.0. It works ok, I can see speed and GPS data when playing MP4 files, but when I import KML data to Google Earth it sends me to the middle of ocean.
    My coordinates GPS are for instance:
    N40.71291 W4.18611
    But in KML files I see that coordinates are 
    <coordinates> 4.18611, 40.71291, 0 </coordinates> 
    I've edited KML file inserting a minus sign before 4.18611 and it works ok. 
    I think it is a minor error that winmp4extract does not reflect west coordinates.
    The same occurs with GPX files.
    Everything else works all right.
    Are you going to implement this change?
    Thanks a lot for your fine program.
    Best regards.

    最后于 2020-7-16 被M-DRV_1594374849057编辑 ,原因: Ortographic error
  • Amicus 2020-7-16
    0 Quote 62Floor
    Hi M-DRV_1594374849057 
    Thank you for the info.
    It's possible that there is a bug.
    I have made procedure for detecting north, south, west and east hemispheres but I couldn't test it because I don't have video from all four hemispheres.
    I will check my code according to your instructions but I will need few days becase I'm bussy now.
    I will send you a message when I fix it.
  • 0 Quote 63Floor

    Thanks, Amicus.
    There is another bug, not very serious, When there is no GPS data embeded in MP4 file, program crashes. It doesn't matter because is irrelevant as GPS data was not recorded due to have not obtained a GPS lock.
    Anyway, if you consider to correct this bug I send a sample MP4 file producing this error and errror doc

    I cannot submit MP4 file is too large.

  • Amicus 2020-7-16
    0 Quote 64Floor

    I have made detection if mp4 video contains any data. If there is no any GPS data, program will skip that video. But, I haven't consider GPS signal interruption. I will check it.
    Thank you.

    最后于 2020-7-17 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • razvan974 2020-7-20
    0 Quote 65Floor
    I dont see any download link or moving arrow. I cannot download anything from your web page...
  • Amicus 2020-7-20
    0 Quote 66Floor

    If you click on one of the links from first post, you will get download page with download frame on the right side like this one:

    You will probably need to enable javascript in your web browser.

    After you click on the moving arrow you need to follow instructions from one of the posts above.

    By now, 1244 people have downloaded WinMp4Extract (install + portable) from my web site, so please be patient and try again.

    最后于 2020-11-20 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • Amicus 2020-7-20
    0 Quote 67Floor
    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.6.2).
    Progam can now detect GPS signal interruption in the video and show message 'No GPS data!' in the SRT file. (check the first post). 

    I'm still waiting for 70mai Pro dash cam video from western hemisphere to check the buga that user M-DRV_1594374849057 has reported.
    If someone have video recorded on western hemisphere, please contact me thru private messages.
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    can somebody please upload the newest version on dropbox or something similar for brazilians users please
  • Amicus 2020-7-23
    0 Quote 69Floor

    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.6.4).
    Thanx to reported bugs, I have made fixes. Program can now detect W and S coordinates and create proper KML and GPX files.
    I have fixed detection of the videos with no GPS data. (check the first post).

    Special thanx to Robson for sending me dash cam videos for testing.

    最后于 2020-7-23 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • 1 Quote 70Floor

    Hi, Amicus.
    I've downloaded the last version 2.6.4, an I'm sorry to tell you that you have a minor error.
    My GPS coordinates are N40.71265, W4.18505, which are ok in SRT file. So in KML an GPX files they should be  -4.18505, 40.71265.
    Erroneously GPS coordinates are 4.18505, -40.71265 corresponding to S40.71265 E4.18505.
    You have changed the minus sign in the wrong place.
    WinMp4 extract works now very well but for this little error. 
    My location is near Segovia(Spain). I'll try to send a MP4 file for testing if you need it.
    Thanks very much for your program. 
    Best regards.

  • Amicus 2020-7-23
    1 Quote 71Floor

    Thank you for quick bug report.
    It would be the best if you can send me yours video.
    I have tested program with videos from Brasil and Slovenia and it was all OK.
    Please upload your video to google drive or sone sharing service and send me the link.

  • 1 Quote 72Floor
    This is the link in Google drive:
  • 1 Quote 73Floor
    the website is now working fine in Brazil
    thank you for your amazing job.
  • Amicus 2020-7-24
    0 Quote 74Floor

    Tahnx to user M-DRV_1594374849057 who has found another bug, I have published new verson, V2.6.5.
    Please check firest post and download new version.

  • Amicus 2020-7-24
    0 Quote 75Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 This is the link in Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMf7kxcdq5o0ZL0hjTaaheLC2fPxrTjD ...
    Thank you for your video. I have found bug and I have fixed it.
  • 0 Quote 76Floor
    Amicus Thank you for your video. I have found bug and I have fixed it.

    Thanks a lot, Amicus.
    Now it works perfectly in every aspect, but I've noticed that traveled distance is always 0,0Km. I don't know why, I use Registrator Viewer to play the videos and this program reflects the distance ok as 2401m.

    Perhaps it is another error.

    I adjoin a capture of Registrator Viewer.
    Best regards

    最后于 2020-7-24 被M-DRV_1594374849057编辑 ,原因: Ortographic error and further info
  • Amicus 2020-7-24
    0 Quote 77Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 Amicus Thank you for your video. I have found bug and I have fixed it. Thanks&am ...

    You are welcome.
    I have tested SRT file generation with videos from Slovenia, Brasil and Spain and I always get distance.
    You can see screenshot from my video player (video from Slovenia)

    Can you send me your video so I can check what is happening?

    Is it possible that your video player doesn't understand formatting tags (<i> </i>) for distance?

    Can you try playing video in some other video player (like Media Player classic, or VLC player)?

  • 0 Quote 78Floor

    When i try to extract GPS data i receive this message from the programme! Please, explain where the problem is? Thx

  • Amicus 2020-7-25
    0 Quote 79Floor
    M-DRV_1595619026214 When i try to extract GPS data i receive this message from the programme! Please, explain where the  ...

    I can't say what is wrong without yours video.
    Did you try to repeat extraction, or to click Continue?

    If you send me video you tried to extract I will run program in debugging mode and find exact point when error occured.

    You can upoload video to google drive and share it with me.
    Send link to my email or over private messages.

  • 0 Quote 80Floor
    Amicus Hi.You are welcome.I have tested SRT file generation with videos from Slovenia, Brasil and Spain and ...
    Hi again, Amicus, forgive the bother
    I've played it with MP-HC and VLC and distance traveled is always 0,0 Km.
    All players interpret tags ok but looking the contents of SRT file I see that in all points dist es 0

    00:00:04,000 --> 00:00:04,999
    N40.71395 W4.19086
    <i>(dist:0,00km)</i> <b>28,8km/h</b> <i>(max:28,8km/h)</i>

    I adjoin a sample video file and SRT generated with last version 2,6.5

    Link to my video file:

    Link to SRT file generated:

    I can't understand it, perhaps you can.

    Thanks again.
  • Amicus 2020-7-25
    1 Quote 81Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 Hi again, Amicus, forgive the bother I've played it with MP-HC and VLC and distance traveled is alw ...

    Thank you for sending your video.
    I have tried extracting GPS data and everything is working as it supposed to.
    I have distance shown thru entire video, as you can see on the image below.

    Is it possible that you are missing some components in your system?
    Are you using portable version of the WinMp4Extract?
    Please try istall version as it should add missing components from NET framework 4.6.1.
    If that doesn't help, please try to reinstall NET framework 4.6.1.

  • 0 Quote 82Floor

    I've tried the installed version with the same results. 

    I hvae a more advanced Net Framework

    Get-STDotNetVersion gives the following:

    ComputerName : localhost

    >=4.x        : 4.8 or later

    v4\Client    : Installed

    v4\Full      : Installed

    v3.5         : Installed

    v3.0         : Installed

    v2.0.50727   : Installed

    v1.1.4322    : Not installed (no key)

    Ping         : True

    I suppose version 4.8 or later supercedes 4.6.1
    I will investigate.
    Forget it.
    Thanks again.

    最后于 2020-7-25 被M-DRV_1594374849057编辑 ,原因:
  • Amicus 2020-7-25
    0 Quote 83Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 I&#39;ve&nbsp;tried&nbsp;the&nbsp;installed&nbsp;version&nbsp;with&nbsp; ...

    You can try one more thing - check decimal symbol on your PC. I might have hardcoded decimal point as a decimal symbol.
    If you have configured comma as decimal symbol it could produce 0 for traveled distance.

    Can you please check that and let mi know?

  • Amicus 2020-7-25
    0 Quote 84Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 I&#39;ve&nbsp;tried&nbsp;the&nbsp;installed&nbsp;version&nbsp;with&nbsp; ...
    Now I see on the screenshot that you have comma as a decimal symbol.
    So I have fixed that.
    Program should now use system default settings for decimal numbers.
    Traveled distance calculation should be working now without problems
    I will send you test version so you can check it on your PC before I publish new release.
  • 0 Quote 85Floor
    Amicus M-DRV_1595619026214 When i try to extract GPS data i receive this message from th ...
    The clip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HehW2V9jfcvpCh66ygcxNIzRNIGmWgMB/view?usp=sharing

    When I press continue, the program creates the srt file, but it`s empty - 0 bytes!

    Thanks in advance!
  • Amicus 2020-7-26
    1 Quote 86Floor


    It seems that you have problem with writing rights to your WinMp4Extract root folder.

    Try to make folder writable for current user or move program to other partition.

    I have tested your video and it all worked well.

    In attachment you can find SRT and KML files generated from your video.

    最后于 2020-7-26 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • 0 Quote 87Floor
    Amicus Now I see on the screenshot that you have comma as a decimal symbol. So I have fixed that. Program ...
    Thanks, Samir
    That is the problem. I have comma as decimal point. 
    I see in your screenshot of my video  that you have decimal point, and comma in mine, as you said.
    I'll try your latest version when it is available.

  • Amicus 2020-7-26
    0 Quote 88Floor
    M-DRV_1594374849057 Thanks, Samir That is the problem. I have comma as decimal point. I see in your screenshot of my ...
    I have sent link to test version to your private massages on this forum.
    Can you chech if you have receive it?

  • 0 Quote 89Floor

    Hi, Samir
    I didn't notice that you had sent me the file.
    I've tried it and it seems that now calculates ok the distance traveled. It appears correctly in SRT file, but you must have corrected a previous version of your program because KML and GPX files have the wrong GPS coordinates, they have lost the minus sign corresponding to West coordinates.

    I adjoin the SRT, KML and GPX files generated

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Amicus 2020-7-26
    0 Quote 90Floor

    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.6.7).
    Thank you everyone for reporting bugs.
    I beleive that I have fixed all reported bugs.

    Some users have problems with getting empty or no SRT, KML and GPX files, but problem is not in the program - problem is in the Windows access rights for the folders.

    最后于 2020-7-26 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
  • 1 Quote 91Floor
    Hi, Samir
    As far as I am concerned it works now perfectly.
    Thanks very much.
  • 0 Quote 92Floor
    Worked for me. For some reason I selected 1 file from the folder yet it did for all, but still , it works. Thanks
  • Amicus 2020-7-29
    0 Quote 93Floor
    M-DRV_1596022697646 Worked for me. For some reason I selected 1 file from the folder yet it did for all, but still , it ...

    If you have selected MP4\Select Folder then it it WILL extract GPS data from all videos from selected folder.
    If you select MP4\Select Video then it will extract only selected video.

    I can't see how it could extract all videos from some folder if you have selected only one video because I have programmed it to load only selected video and to stop.

    Only in case of selecting folder (MP4\Select Folder) program will read all names of the MP4 files in that folder and try to extract GPS data from all of them.

    Please, try extraction again.

  • 0 Quote 94Floor
    Thank you Amicus , successful mai70 pro get coordination and speed to video.
  • Amicus 2020-7-30
    0 Quote 95Floor
    You are welcome. 
    I hope I will get some credit for making it possible.
    Best of luck.
  • 0 Quote 96Floor


    Do you know where people using dashware can load a data profile to use your gpx file extraction to create cool video ?

  • Amicus 2020-8-24
    0 Quote 97Floor
    Sorry, but I don't understand the question?
    What data profile do you mean?
    But, if I don't understand question, I probably don't know the answer.
  • Amicus 2020-9-25
    0 Quote 98Floor
    I have just made new version of the WinMp4Extract (version 2.6.8).
    Program is now using new, more accurate formula for traveled distance calculation.

    You can find download links in first post.
  • 0 Quote 99Floor
    Amicus M-DRV_1595619026214 When i try to extract GPS data i receive this message from th ...
    Hi Amicus, I'm having the same problem, the extractor run into error when I try to load the file
    Can you also help check why?
    My file is in think link https://drive.google.com/file/d/14CMavtkN6iUQzVKj1hVuT7N00L0k12B5/view?usp=sharing
  • Amicus 2020-9-26
    0 Quote 100Floor
    M-DRV_1600991246660 Hi Amicus, I'm having the same problem, the extractor run into error when I try to load the file Ca ...
    Thank you for your video.
    As I can see it is not the video recording of the 70mai Pro dashcam.
    Your camera doesn't store GPS data in the same way as 70mai Pro. That's why program throws an error.
    I have fixed that, but still can't read GPS data from your video.
    I will try to figure it out.
    If I success, I will inform you. If not, I will publish new version that will show you message that video doesn't contain readable GPS data.
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