Windows player/viewer for 70mai cameras Speed&location disappearance

Hi all, do you know, which player/viewer can see gps information from 70mai dashcam videos?
Dashcam viewer is the best viewer for dash-cameras on Windows machine, but it cannot see GPS information from 70mai cameras.

最后于 2020-1-17 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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    Hello, The topic is known and the answer is on the page:

    The answer is:

    john | July 22, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    I have reached out to 70mai around July 12th using their website’s Contact Us form. Hopefully they will respond with useful info on locating the GPS data. So far I haven’t heard from them.
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    Thank you for answer. It would be great, if it works soon. :)
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    NO! Best viewer for dash-cameras on Windows - Registrator Viewer aka Datakam Player

    And it's - free.

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    I wanted to download this Datakam player, just for me it is strange, that there is no official website.
    Then I found warning:
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    It doesn't work on my PC, I don't know why. I can open the video files, but I cannot see the video, but only audio. Also map doesn't works by me. :/
    p.s. Author of Datakam player is dead. Therefore, official website doesn't exist anymore.
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    M-DRV_1563014183276 I wanted to download this Datakam player, just for me it is strange, that there is no official websi ...
    Official site -  Datakam branded here -
    Warning is actual, but I don'n know about any problem with this.
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    M-DRV_1563999501634 It doesn't work on my PC, I don't know why. I can open the video files, but I cannot see the video,  ...

    By default enabled very fast and functional internal h.264 splitter. If you want to use h.265 video - choose in top menu "Playback->Splitters->Use preinstalled ()from DirectShow". Maps olso works, but only Yandex and Bing. And it possible to patch for google maps -

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    Tnx for helping, but it doesn't works again. Can you tell me which codec you have on PC? With k-lite doesn't work.

    Also, GPS information cannot be loaded.

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    I use K-Lite Codec Pack Mega -

    and check settings

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    Please how you get GPS data into APP?
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    M-DRV_1579121425335 Please how you get GPS data into APP?
    See this thread:
    There is a solution for Windows and for Linux.
  • Roman 2020-4-15
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    The program didn't work for me either and so I am
    download  English fw v.1.0.8na (SSH, auto SRT/KML/GPX с GPS + USB STORAGE) from the Russian Forum : and  then Registrator viewer with google map fix and install. 
    And it works. 
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    M-DRV_1559128577291 NO! Best viewer for dash-cameras on Windows - Registrator Viewer aka Datakam Player ...
    I have to use datakam player but that's not show gps data (location and speed) how to fix that.
  • Roman Gross 2020-5-4
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    the instructions are in my post above
  • Upo001 11 Months+
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    DashWare from now GoPro devs is really free, not abandoned-hacked free like Registrator Viewer.

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  • Amicus 10 Months+
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    You can use free Windows program for extracting GPS data to SRT, KML or GPX file.
    You can find it on this forum: WinMp4Extract

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    your soft is great but gpx file exportation is not directly compatible with dashware software to create nice video with gps locations.
    Do you have somewhere the data profile to process smoothly your gpx file directly in dashware ?
    thanks a lot
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  • Amicus 6 Months+
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    M-DRV_1598088784742 Amicus, your soft is great but gpx file exportation is not directly compatible with dashware softwa ...
    Sorry for the late answer.
    I create standard GPX file. Google Earth can import and show it without any problems.
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  • Amicus 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1598088784742 Amicus, your soft is great but gpx file exportation is not directly compatible with dashware softwa ...
    I have tested my GPX file with Google Earth, OkMap and Garmin BaseCam.
    Do you have a GPX file that works with your program? Can you send it to me to compare it with my file?
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  • 70mai 19 Days+
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    Amicus Hi. I have tested my GPX file with Google Earth, OkMap and Garmin BaseCam. Do you have a GPX file ...
    Thank you for your message. We have received your suggestions and added your suggestion to the suggestion list, we will fix this issue and taking seriously about your suggestion.
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