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Online manual of 70mai Dash Cam Pro:https://help.70mai.asia/278.html

1.How to remove the camera from one car to another one?

Electrostatic stickers can be used more than once, you just need to make sure it stays clean and smooth totally during removing process.

2.What is the function of GPS?

GPS is assist of ADAS for now and we will add the the function of recording speed and location.

3.When will you add the function of recording speed and location on GPS?

At the end of May.

4.Can the camera work 24 hours a day in parking surveillance?

Yes, but it will record parking videos when car encounters a collision while parking.

5.How long does the camera work after parking?

The camera can record about 40 videos when the battery is fully charged.

6.When the lane departure warning of ADAS will be triggered?

After the ADAS celibration, it will be triggered when the speed resches 80km/h

7.Why is video playback not smooth?

H.265 video code needs to supported by iPhone 7, 11.0.0 system version or above.

8.I saved the video, why i can’t find it in my iPhone album?

Videos are directly saved in APP album, you can export videos from APP album to phone album.

9.Can i change the camera language?

70mai Dash Cam do not support the switch from one language to another one and may cause the incompatibility of the two versions.

10.If i can’t receive security code, what can i  do?

The security code email may comes slowly, but it will expire 24 hours.

If you can’t receive it, please try logging in with your Facebook account.

11.How to update the camera firmware?

Please check it in 70mai APP, there will be a red spot displayed on the upper right corner of the ‘Firmware update’ button. And you can update your firmware following the below steps:

Step1: Tap ‘Firmware update’ to enter the firmware update page;

Step2: Tap ‘Download’ to download the update package to your phone. When the package is download, please enter the dash cam plug-in page to push it to your device.

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    Connected to camera WIFI but can't do authorization from phone,  APP comes back with " Connection request timed out"  I see Wi-Fi signal on camera and I see on phone WI-FI 70mai_d02_4131.
  • 70mai 2019-4-28
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    This because there was no consent to the connection of the phone on the dash cam pro side.
    Please follow the steps below to reconnect:
    (1) Go to personal center  – “My devices” and tap “70mai Smart Dash cam Pro” to enter the device detail page. And delete the device from the device list.
    Note: During the process of deleting a device, you must ensure that the mobile phone network can be used. Otherwise, only the local device information is deleted. After connect with the Internet, the device information will be renewed from the cloud.
    (2) After successfully delete the device, please add the device again then connect.
  • Alex Yamin 2019-5-29
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    Can we set the limit for adas speed when change lane ? I rarely hit 80 km/h. It'll be better if can set the speed, can be use when the driver is asleep to give warning
  • 70mai 2019-5-31
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    Alex Yamin Can we set the limit for adas speed when change lane ? I rarely hit 80 km/h. It'll be better if can ...
    Thanks for your advice. We will give this feedback to our product department.Please maintain sustained attention of our product.
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    1. Question: Is there an option to quickly mute all sounds (for example when the kid is fell asleep in the car)?
    2. Suggestion: it would be very nice if ADAS can differentiate two types of lines: solid lines and intermittent (broken white line). It would be great if I can disable notification for broken white line and keep it for solid lines. The other option is that 70mai pro will try to hear the sound of turn signal and will not notify about broken line crossing.
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    We are waiting for the firmware indicating the speed and location on the video. With the support of the Russian language. Thank you very much.
  • 70mai 2019-6-5
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    M-DRV_1559549956127 1. Question: Is there an option to quickly mute all sounds (for example when the kid is fell asleep ...
    Sorry there is no options to quickly mute. And thanks for your suggestion, we will give your suggestion to our product department. Your suggestion is important to us.
  • 70mai 2019-6-5
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    M-DRV_1559586694231 We are waiting for the firmware indicating the speed and location on the video. With the support of ...
    We're so sorry for the delay. We will release the update within a few days.
  • Andrey Kurapov 2019-6-10
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    I also need a Mute function. My suggestion:
    Option 1: Double tap on a power button - switch between 1) Mute and 2) Unmute
    Option 2: Double tap on a power button - switch among: 1) Mute  2) Just sounds (different short beeps) 3) Full voice notifications.

    I would also like the next 70 mai device to have 2 cameras, one is directed to the driver and analyzing his condition (if he is not attentive enough / sleepy). Two safety devices in one would be just perfect. 

  • NagyPapi 2019-6-24
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    Hi would it be possible to modify a bit the camera design to be able to turn around by 180 degree and not only a few degree up and down?? If it can turn around it can easily monitor the back side of your car plus record the cabin inside when you leave the car. Otherwise is not so funny to hear the sound how you has been burgled, but camera recording in opposite direction and you have no picture from the perpetrator! What do you think?
  • Andrey Kurapov 2019-6-24
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    I have a further suggestion for a "silent mode":
    LED indicator on the camera can notify "silently" about dangerous situation (in ADAS mode). For example:
    - Blinking red light - collision warning
    - Blinking blue light - line change
    - Blinking green light - car in front begins its movement.
    But LED brightness should be higher during these events. 
    Maybe I would even suggest to add this indication not only in silent mode but in normal mode as well.
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    Hello I have the same problem. I don't see any device in my devices page. I did reset factory to the dash cam. I can connect to the cam wifi but but can't do authorization from my phone. Please advise.

  • Muhammad Azizi 2019-6-28
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    Hello. I have problem with app display the cam record on My galaxy note 9. It stuck and force close
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    I would like to suggest to add option to deactivate displaying speed on video.

    Best regards
  • dash cam pro 2019-10-3
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    There’s some way to reset the cam pressing the buttons? My cam crashed in the update 
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    i want complete 70mai pro user manual in at a single pdf file, plese
  • 70mai 2019-10-9
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    dash cam pro There’s some way to reset the cam pressing the buttons? My cam crashed in the update
    This is 70mai email: help@70mai.com. Please contact with it, we will send you another update method.
  • 70mai 2019-12-10
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    You need to use 70mai app, can your car install cell phone app?
  • M-DRV_1569589340125 2019-12-23
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    M-DRV_1569589340125 hi i want complete 70mai pro user manual in at a single pdf file, plese

    full user manual of 70mai pro

    press red buttom 2 times to download


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    The App asks to confirm the connection, however the screen that should pop up on the dash came never appears... I tried reformating the card, resetting everything back to factory settings and yet - no luck. I dont forgot connected de hotspot with the cam... I posted a video on Youtube, if you want to watch https://youtu.be/6ES9UovMZM4
  • Atakan v. 11 Months+
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    How can see gps info when see the videos on pc?
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1594923589101 11 Months+
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    Andrey Kurapov I have a further suggestion for a "silent mode": LED indicator on the camera can notify & ...
    It would be even better if the display shows a pop up blinking notification on this alerts
    11 Months+
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    How do i set the video to record at 5 minutes? i dont want the default 3 minutes.

    pls help.

    I have a 70 mai dash cam pro

    2 Months+
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    Good day. There is a problem. The DVR does not turn on. When connected to power requires 191 mA. The bq25601 controller is heated. The controller has been replaced but the problem remains. There is no access to the battery. Maybe there is a scheme for it? I will be very grateful.
    10 Days+
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