700mai dash cam M500 can not connect to mobile for first time login in

john80 5 Days+ 49

i'm using xiaomi 11t mobile phone and first time connect to the dash cam M500 but it fail.

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  • Danil 5 Days+
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    Pls record your connection process on video and send a photo of the box from the back to determine the version of your registrar.
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  • john80 4 Days+
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    Hi, the video file too large.Can i send to your email .
    4 Days+
  • john80 4 Days+
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    Hi, pls see the link for video https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkTZdTcunectgbU2eP2vKRYezT_ZIw?e=kqIdHM
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  • Danil 4 Days+
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    You have the Chinese version of the M500. Install this app for China:



    Update the app to version 3.0.0.

    You need to register again. (click Sign UP and register via email). 

    Add your M500


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  • john80 1 Days+
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    OK, i try again. tq very much.
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  • john80 1 Days+
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    HI, it is work and function. Thanks 
    1 Days+
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