800S firmware 1.0.13ww bug

I have recently purchased the dashcam, I have updated to the latest version.  When it goes into parking mode it only records 1-2 timelapses and then stops, and deactivates the timelapse option, I have to manually activate it again.


there are times when it does not recognize the connected parking device and disables the time lapse, in fact I get a message saying it does not recognize the parking kit and probably deactivates the timelapse. I have to try to force the activation several times until it activates it.

In the last night, suddenly no longer recognizes the rear camera, the first button on the left keeps the icon to change the view forward or back but does not act, it always remains on the front cam.  The icon at the top right to indicate whether the rear camera is present is no longer present.  I had to do a factory reset to be able to use everything again.

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