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Rahrena 16 Days+ 159

Is anyone else having this issue with their M500?

- I have a M500 cam I'm reviewing for my YouTube audience of auto enthusiasts. 

- I've been using this camera for a few weeks now, getting to know it and understand the performance and what to expect. It's mostly been a very positive experience and I like the device. I've been working on a favorable review. 

- Upon using it for the first week, I installed the latest firmware update and it updated successfully to the dash cam via the app. 

- I have been continuing to use it without apparent issue until I encountered the following issues:

ISSUE 1: UNRESPONSIVE w/ GREEN INDICATOR: 5 days ago, the M500 got "stuck" and was unresponsive to any input, plugging in, removing, button pressing...anything. The green recording indicator light was on behind the power button, but it was just not taking any kind of input nor was it recording anything. I had to take it aside and let the battery die to plug it back in and appeared normal again. NOTE: My hardwire is fine- I have the proper signals and voltages coming from the correct fuses and it is grounded. 

ISSUE 2: UNRESPONSIVE / BRICKED: Today, I was extracting video files on my laptop to inspect image and video clarity for my product review video. It worked as I expected with no issues. Then upon unplugging it from the computer, it chimed that it was powering down and it is now a paperweight. There is no response or indicator that it is operable aside from the warmth coming from the unit which is relatively concerning. There is no indicator light behind the power button. Pressing the button doesn't force any response no matter how many times I try with frequency and timing, or holding it. I have had it sit for a few hours and it's just still warm. 

Has anybody else experienced this with their M500? 

It's pretty frustrating as I was very close to submitting my video to my audience praising the product, and I would love to be wrong here and have this issue be something simple, but I have halted my review video editing until I know what's going on with my unit. I don't want to recommend something that is unreliable to my users. If it's something I did, I'd love to know so I can share the info, but I need some help to understand please. 

Thank you very much, 

Richard (Rahrena) 
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  • Rahrena 16 Days+
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    UPDATE: After letting the device cool down, it powered up and responded to being plugged into a laptop. I can access the files and everything like I could earlier today. 

    The unit felt very hot earlier today- has anyone experienced overheating issues with the M500? 
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  • Danil 15 Days+
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    Hello. Yes, there is such a problem, but I can't understand the reasons for its appearance ...

    Such a problem on the new firmware version 14. 

    Tell me, did you run the ADAS calibration before the hang and how did it end? You can help us by downloading the device log (in the application, connect to the M500, click "settings", there will be "get device log" at the bottom.) It will be saved by the path Android\data\****\files\log\*****(many digits)***\70mai dash cam M500_***.zip

    And tell me the approximate time when it hovered and heated up. 

    The log is not cleared by formatting, only after the firmware.

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    i have huge issue, as my iphone can't pair the device! and bluetooth can't find either. But able to connect the device hotspot, so anyone know what is the issue and solution?
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  • Shkiper3 9 Days+
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    M-DRV_1652449274175 i have huge issue, as my iphone can't pair the device! and bluetooth can't find either. But able to ...
    What version of the app are you using? Where did you download the app from?
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  • Gary 6 Days+
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    Just bought M500 early of May [64Gb, FW 1.1.14ww]. Few days back, I noticed that it it stopped recording. voice control wasn't responding. read through the manual, thought that best way to recover is format internal storage. 1st try format, failed. Second time format, success. but somehow unit become not responding. Push POWER button [GREEN LED] to OFF it, failed. Unplug the hardware kit, Green LED remain ON.... Had to long press POWER button for 15 secs - hard RESET. Then the dash come back to live and responding normally. I try to have a look on the log file, noticed that the day the incident happen, internal memory is not full, still having 20++Gb available. Puzzle....
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  • Danil 6 Days+
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    Gary Just bought M500 early of May [64Gb, FW 1.1.14ww]. Few days back, I noticed that it it stopped recor ...

    I don't think that's the problem. If you can examine your log, please take a look, your M500 was hanging at the time when there was an error in the log?

    Log_Signal_Data[269]:signal_dbg.c:265; FAULT - SIGNAL #11. Offending address: 0x24f accessed by (nil). Code 1 - address not mapped to object
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