Inconsistant Recording Behaviour During Parking

I bought the Pro Plus+ a year ago and never update the firmware until the latest release of 1.0.15ww. Noticed there is a new time lapse function been added into this version. 

Been using this firmware for almost few months now and i noticed some inconsistency of recording behaviour for time lapse and parking surveillance. Here are the findings

1. when time lapse is on, the device will never goes into parking surveilance mode.

2. Need very hard impact to trigger the parking surveilance recording

3. The time lapse will record starting from the moment i stop my car until the next time i start my car

Without changing any settings and after few months of using. The behaviour totally changed

1. When time lapse is on, the device will go into parking surveilance mode after a few minutes. The time of going into parking surveilance is not consistance.

2. Sometimes the time lapse will only record for a few hours and sometimes it will record throughout the duration where my car is stoped. The duration is not consistance. Almost having different duration everyday.

3. Sometimes the time lapse will only record for 1 minute throughout the duration where my car is stopped. 

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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Hi, could you please tell me which version do you use before you update to the latest firmware 1.0.15ww? I‘ll check for you. What's more, could you please check whether there is any parking video recorded in your album when the time-lapse recording stops?
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  • 70Mai Baymax 4 Months+
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    Hi, Im not quite sure what firmware was it before i updated to 1.0.15ww. But definitely is the ones without timelapse feature. I tried to reset the device and the app on my phone and it seems become more consistent now. The behavior i got now is as below. Can you please verify if this is the way it should be?

    1. I set the "turn off automatically in parking" to 5 mins. The time lapse only record for about 5 mins and turn into parking surveillance mode. 
    2. I set the "turn off automatically in parking" to never. The time lapse continues record until the next time i start my car. 

    Before I did the reset on the device. Changing the setting in "turn off automatically in parking" doesn't make any different. 

    These is another thing i would like to verify. Does parking surveillance mode work at the same time with time lapse? 
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