ADAS Too Sensitive

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I feel so annoyed with the sensitivity. Every function responded too quickly. Please give the program some delay to respond so it won't send any alert/reminder when i'm stationary.

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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Hi, which kind of alert or reminder do you refer to? Could you please show me a picture?
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  • Lumos 4 Months+
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    70mai Hi, which kind of alert or reminder do you refer to? Could you please show me a picture?

    A car ahead move & car ahead alert. Those alerts are too quick and responsive. Here's the video

    For car ahead move, i suggest you give a delay option of when the system would send alert. Like "car ahead move detected > delay > my car doesn't move > send alert" or if "my car does move > don't send alert".

    For car ahead alert, i dunno exactly what to suggest. The sensor keeps sending alert whenever i'm tailgating a car ahead whatever the situation is.

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