In my opinion, there should be another folder called "PARKING EVENTS".

This folder would store videos of events recorded by activation of the camera's accelerometer to detect bumps from other drivers who park and bump into our car.

The operation should be as described below:

There should be a much more sensitive mode of the accelerometer in parking mode. The camera is recording in time lapse mode, if the accelerometer registers an event (bump into the car) the time lapse mode switches to video mode, records in the PARKING EVENTS folder, records the last minute of the time lapse and joins it to the video which continues to record for three minutes in video mode. Then it goes into time lapse mode again.

I think with this all customers would be satisfied with the parking mode.

Possible improvements to parking mode:

Detect people loitering near the car, record with the same procedure as described above.

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    Thank you for your suggestion. Actually there is a album called parking video. You can find event videos in this album. In the last sentence, it is the motion detection. And I believe that if there is a time-lapse function, we don't need to add this function. Anyway, thank you for your feedback.
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    70mai Thank you for your suggestion. Actually there is a album called parking video. You can find event vi ...
    Issue is that the timelapse doesnt include back cam, which makes the whole setup useless.
    Please add the rear camera to timelapse, make our pIssue is that the timelapse doesnt include back cam, which makes the whole setup useless.
    Please add the rear camera to timelapse, make our purchase worthy.urchase worthy.
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    M-DRV_1643796989718 Issue is that the timelapse doesnt include back cam, which makes the whole setup useless. Please ad ...
    We'll consider that. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    Esta camara y todas la de 70 mai son pura basura el firmware y el equipo de desarrollo son malos con ganas. he comprado otra camara por supuesto que no es 70mai y cada vez que puedo no la recomiendo a nadie. basura de camara y basura de soporte
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