Sensor sensibilty A500S

Hello everyone, even shaking and tapping hard on the car, the camera does not activate in parking mode. I have to type on the camera directly so that it activates . ( high sensiblity active )  .

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  • 70mai 7 Months+
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    Hi, thank you for your feedback. Could you please tell me which firmware version do you use in your dash cam now? 
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    My firmware version is 1.0.15ww .
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  • 70mai 7 Months+
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    M-DRV_1639995958041 Hello, My firmware version is 1.0.15ww .
    Hi, A500S has time-lapse function which can record all the time. Of course, I will collect your feedback and keep it updated to our product team.
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  • Kiwisaft 6 Months+
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    Have the same issue and as it seems when browsing to other forums and threads, many people have this problem. it doesn't even record when shaking the car or closing doors or trunk. very disappointing, because parking mode is the only reason i bought the cam. 
    Pleas fix this, thanks.
    time-lapse is no solution and other users say it already worked in older firmwares.
    also you just could provide all old firmware files for the users. so they can choose which to use
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