A800S has added the functions of time-lapse photography and driving route

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Hi all,


Glad to tell you that we have added the functions of time-lapse photography and driving route in the latest firmware 1.0.10ww. 2021/11/09

At the same time, we’d like to have a brief introduction for these two functions.

Time-lapse photography:

The time-lapse photography refers to a special recording mode. In this mode the dash cam recordcontinuously in 1 frame per second while parking. And then they are  combined into several video files as time-lapse videos. When you play back themyou watch them at a frame rate of 30FPS.

The significance is that there is enough power provided while parkingThe power consumption is not only very low but also can record for a long time. In addition, it occupies only 1/30 comparing with the storage space of ordinary videos, so there is no storage space pressure in long-term recording. (Here is a time-lapse video recorded by 70mai official and you can download and watch it in VLC in case it is not clear enough)

Driving route:


The principle is that the dash cam, equipped with GPS modulerecords longitude and latitude coordinates and speed data regularly during driving.  

When you connects your dash cam with 70mai APP, the driving route data will be synchronized to your phone. You can view the driving route records that have been synchronized to your phone on the driving route page in 70mai APP. 

Best regards

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  • orientspear 8 Months+
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    I like the driving route. It provides details of every start driving and stop, like time used, start and end time, average speed, max. speed, distance and replay of driving route on the map. The driving route can be shared to other people.
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    orientspear I like the driving route. It provides details of every start driving and stop, like time used, start ...
    Yeah, time-lapse function plays a vital role in recording all the vidoes. thank you for your feedback. 
    8 Months+
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    There is an option to show the km marks, it would be nice to show the emergency video spots as an option.
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 7 Months+
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    M-DRV_1638029470944 There is an option to show the km marks, it would be nice to show the emergency video spots as an op ...
    Hi, thank you for your suggestion. Emergency video recording is based on sensitivity trigger. I am afraid that it is hard to set it as an option. But we will discuss this issue with our product team.
    7 Months+
  • Sam_A800s 6 Months+
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    Hi, I am owner of A800s with backup camera and hardware kit installed. The timelapse is great. However I am unable to find any sort of access to "My-Driving Route" on the app or anywhere on the internet that specific point to the info I am looking at.

    The dashcam firmware is 1.0.11ww
    The mobile app version is 2.0.2

    Each time I connect to dashcam via the wifi, is display sync driving route progress bar and successfully completed sync. But the app doesn't have any button or access to that "My-Driving Route".

    Could you kindly point me to the correct direction or manual or instruction would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Sam_A800s 6 Months+
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    orientspear I like the driving route. It provides details of every start driving and stop, like time used, start ...
    Need a little help in getting "My-Driving Route" to work.
    My dashcam is A800s with firmware 1.0.11ww, app version 2.0.2 with hardware kit installed. Sync have been configure but I can not see any button or function anywhere to view the driving route.

    Kindly help.
    6 Months+
  • Danil 6 Months+
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    Sam_A800s Hi, Need a little help in getting "My-Driving Route" to work. My dashcam is A800s with f ...

    6 Months+
  • WaMaR_PL 6 Months+
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    I am full of admiration for the improvements made to the software.

    Nevertheless, please make a correction to the application that will allow you to search routes with filtering not only in terms of dates, but also a given camera in different cars.

    I have 2 cars and it is terribly inconvenient to not have the option to limit the view of routes to only 1 car.

    Best Regards,

    6 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    Sam_A800s Hi, Need a little help in getting "My-Driving Route" to work. My dashcam is A800s with f ...
    Big thanks for Danil.❤️❤️❤️Sam, you can follow the steps given by Danil and then you can find the position of the driving route.
    6 Months+
  • 70mai 6 Months+
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    WaMaR_PL I am full of admiration for the impro ...
    Currently it does show what it records during use. But we have received your suggestion and we will check whether it can come true.
    6 Months+
  • Cyberfrog77 6 Months+
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    Nice to have features but nothing more. When will u guys address the problem of the terrible video quality and the low bitrates????? 
    6 Months+
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    There is a problem. If timelapse is ensbled, parking surveillance wont be triggered. 

    Please fix this problem. Else you have to choose between timelapse or parking surveillance.

    Thank you!

    6 Months+
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    Please add back camera to timelapse recording, thanks. 
    6 Months+
  • Sam_A800s 5 Months+
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    Thank you so much Danil.
    5 Months+
  • Sam_A800s 5 Months+
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    70mai Big thanks for Danil.❤️❤️❤️Sam, you can follow the steps given by Danil and then you can find the po ...
    Thank you so much Danil for the info. Now can see the driving route. Awesome.
    5 Months+
  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    M-DRV_1643796989718 Please add back camera to timelapse recording, thanks.
    Thank you for your suggestion. I will send it to our product team.
    5 Months+
  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    Cyberfrog77 Nice to have features but nothing more. When will u guys address the problem of the terrible video q ...
    Hi, could you please tell me where did you purchase this dash cam? And how long do you use it?
    5 Months+
  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    M-DRV_1626113948537 There is a problem. If timelapse is e ...
    Hi, thank you for your question. But I am afraid that the dash cam can support one kind of video recording at one time. Just the same as that of your phone.
    5 Months+
  • Sam_A800s 4 Months+
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    My Driving Route lately failed to download. I have tried reset to factory on the dashcam, use another new phone to download the route data, all attempts are unsuccessful. Dashcam firmware and mobile app are the latest version.
    4 Months+
  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Sam_A800s My Driving Route lately failed to download. I have tried reset to factory on the dashcam, use anothe ...
    Hi Sam, could you please tell me which firmware version do you use now? Is there a video to show this problem since we don't encounter it before. You can upload the video to googledrive and send us a link. Waiting for your reply.
    4 Months+
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    Hi, I bought a800s on 20.May.2022. Time lapse videos were recording well until 27th may after which they stopped recording though I hear the message 'time lapse recording startss after switching off the car. I had left my car unused during the weekend 26th to 28th may. Lapse video stopped recording on 27th may afternoon. I upgraded the dashcam software, re-formatted the sd card, checked the setting of lapse video recording is on or not. nothing works. All other features like parking surveillance, events, normal are recording perfectly well. Can you give suggestions for the error. Time lapse recording is the most important feature that I need. I had been taking out the sd card to check recordings on my pc. 
    2 Months+
  • antoniolespaul 10 Days+
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    Hi I recently bought a 800S with firmware 1.0.13ww and parking kit.

    I want to ask a few things:
    1.Can you enter 60fps even at least at 2.7K resolution?
    2.The Time-Lapse function always active in parking mode but when you feel a collision with the vehicle start recording a video, and this must be necessary for both front / rear cameras
    3. Did you solve the low quality of the video by adding bitrate to the recording?

    10 Days+
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