Systemtime not adjusted by GPS

How can the systemtime adjustet by GPS if the GPS time is wrong? Unix timestamp in GPSData000001.txt are always UTC-12hrs..This is not in accordance with the specs and needs to be solved.The timestamp in the Video file are the time which is entered manually by the user.

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  • Amicus 17 Days+
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    Do you have A500S dash cam?
    Many people are complaining about wrong time.
    Someone said that firmware version 1.0.2ww doesn't have that problem.
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    i`ll install the 1.0.2ww tomorrow ad let you know.
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    Installed the 1.0.2ww this morning
    Logfile was created receiving valid coordinates.

    Structure 1.0.2ww firmware
    2021-10-07 08:05:42,B,A,002km/h,49.719933, 8.470028,0,000000000000000000000000000
    Time UTC

    Structure 1.0.6ww
    1633324365,A,49.717252, 8.471440,20100,527,0,9,88,0,0,0,0
    Time (Unix timestap ) UTC - 12

    the time in the log are UTC but missing the letter for East/West North/South so you never know where you are.
    The Filename are based on the manually (Smartphone) entered systemtime, may differ from UTC and time shown in the Video are also based on that..
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