Why does it switch to parking mode after 5 minutes, not immediately?

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In new generation vehicles, after the ignition is turned off, the electricity in the fuse panel is not cut off for a while. For about 30 -60 seconds, the camera does not know when the ignition is turned off. I think there should be an option in a camera for it to switch to parking mode immediately. Also, the impact detection sensitivity of the camera in parking mode is very high. The camera needs to be hit by a parked truck for it to turn on. small jolts and impacts do not affect the device. When it receives a big blow, it takes about 10 seconds to open and start recording. Parking mode is impossible to use without these bugs fixed.

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    If an emergency event occurs after 0-5 minutes , the video will be recorded in a normal folder and the DVR will not report the recording. This is done in order not to warn you every time about the recording that is triggered when the door closes. Do you understand? Imagine that you turn off the car, the DVR switches to parking mode IMMEDIATELY, you close the door, the trunk, drop off the car, the parking video recording begins and the next time you get into the car, the DVR would warn you about the presence of a parking video on which you close the door. Do you want this?)
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    Thank you for your answer. But what I wanted to say was a little different. I know the purpose of it going into parking mode after 5 minutes. but my vehicle is 2020 model peugeot 3008. In these vehicles, acc mode is disabled after about 1 minute after the ignition is turned off. I am already leaving the vehicle during this time. Also, switching to parking mode after 5 minutes leaves the vehicle vulnerable to possible accidents and collisions during this period.
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    I want the device to have two options. If you want, you can put it in parking mode after 5 minutes. Anyone who wants to put it into parking mode immediately.

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