Dashcam not starting backup up after auto power off

Alexey 19 Days+ 97

i have the A800 and i was one of the first ones to get it through crowdfunding.
It used to work well with my Honda with the 12V plug, since i bought a new Car (Skoda) the 12V plug is providing continuous power with no ignition check. I turned on the Auto Off feature to 5 minutes and it does work. My problem is that the Dashcam doesn't start back up when i start driving and i always have to unplug and plug it back in to continue recording. Some drives are unrecorded since i sometimes forget to do that... Is there any way to fix this so the cam starts recording again even through its connected to a continuous 12V plug? I do have the Hardware Kit but it's not an option since im not allowed cut any wires on this car.

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  • Danil 17 Days+
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    You do not need to cut the wires, try to connect in this way:


    Or use adapters:

    They are installed on the hardware kit wire and do not violate the electrical wire in any way.

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  • Alexey 16 Days+
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    Danil You do not need to cut the wires, try to connect in this way:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj1pymY ...
    Hey, ill try that then, thank you. Do you know what fuse i need for the device?
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  • Danil 16 Days+
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    Alexey Hey, ill try that then, thank you. Do you know what fuse i need for the device?


    You need to choose an adapter for your car individually. The adapter must fit the type of fuses in your car.

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  • Alexey 15 Days+
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    Danil https://aliexpress.ru/item/4000648828410.htmlYou need to choose an adapter for your car individually ...
    i bought a fitting adapter now, but i anted to know which fuse to use in the adapter. of course the one the one that was in my car before + one for the dashcam, which one is needed for the Dashcam?
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  • Danil 15 Days+
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    Alexey i bought a fitting adapter now, but i anted to know which fuse to use in the adapter. of course the  ...

    Included with the adapter will be fuses for 10 amps. That's enough.

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