128GB cards only record 77GB and then start deleting old files.

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I have an issue with my A800S using front only UHD recording. I have tried four different 128GB Sandisk / Samsung U3 4k certified cards with the same results.

The camera starts deleting old video files when it reaches 77GB used space and there's about 48GB still free on the card. This makes 128GB cards effectively 77GB capacity and makes some trips virtually impossible to store because the cam recycles the beginning before you reach your destination (happened to me several times this holidays).

Aliexpress 70mai official support has been apalling. I even bought a brand new card to test with them and they keep running circles around the fact that the camera does not use full card capacity. They first suggested me to upgrade to latest firmware, which I did. Then suggested that all 3 cards were wrong and did not fill to full capacity because they were fake. When i bought a fourth one they have switched to asking me for a video showing that the camera does not record beyong 77GB. How am I supposed to do that. I am really angry and upset with this.

Fortunately I came to the forum only to find another person suffering the same behavior as me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Let me copy my previous answer:

    Hi,nice to see you again. We've remained emergency video storage for emergency videos. the common videos will follow the loop recording logic. So you don't need to worry about missing important videos
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    Hi. I hope I don't need 50GB space for emergency videos in my life. That is roughly 5 hour  emergency videos in 1 minute clips, 300 emergency videos.

    I would kindly ask you to let the users decide if they want to waste 40% of their storage in emergency video provisioned space or not. A lot of people want to record trips to publish them online like I want in my youtube chanel and currently 70mai A800S is useless for me.


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    Agree with A800s_User. I noticed my 64Gb sd card is only filled with around 30-35Gb of video. I disabled Emergency videos because it keeps recording emergency videos on every bump. SO that means I buy a 64Gb sd but only getting 30Gb used. 

    This A800S keeps irritating me more and more. Thinking of replacing with another dashcam (not sure which); also 4K is overkill because the video quality doesn't even meet 1080p so I set it to 1080p only. That means i can choose from a lot lot lot more brands/models if I only use 1080p.
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    Please thumbs up the >>> FIRST POST IN THIS PAGE <<<< If you believe this logic should be changed or at least configurable. 

    I have just received confirmation from 70mai that my suppositions were right. There is a hardcoded 60% cap on the amount of looped video recordings that can be stored. Instead of spending some minutes to implement a decent dynamic video rotation file, someone decided that 44GB should be reserved for other videos in a 128GB card.

    So, basically, the bigger your card, the more GB you lose. They don't seem to be interested in changing how it is done, as per all the "this is fine" responses I have received everywhere. I just hope 70mai staff don't ever need to record 4hour of emergency videos as they pretend with this approach.

    Please thumbs up the >>> FIRST POST IN THIS PAGE <<<< If you believe this logic should be changed or at least configurable. 

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    Same problem, i want to change to 0% the percentage of emergency video size.
    thank you
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    I'm also angry that I'm wasting a lot of capacity while using a 4k device.
    Also, sd cards of 512 GB or more should be officially supported.
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