70mai Dash Cam M300: Frequently Asked Questions

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To all customers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decided to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.

Here are the questions and answers:

Common Questions:

Q1: Is there an online manual for Dash Cam M300?

Yes, here is the instruction of your 70mai Dash Cam M300: https://help.70mai.asia/1320.html

You can read this first, please contact us if you have any questions.

Q2: How to delete your personal data?

You can delete your data in our 70mai APP by yourself. First you can find settings in 70mai APP, then enter user rights center and choose the delete data button. Please contact us if the problem is not resolved yet.

Q3: What should I do if my video cannot be played normally or I want better video qulity?
You can use pot player, VLC or MPC to play the videos if there is some problems when you play the video or the video quality isn't very good.

Q4: Where can I purchase extra electrostatic sticker?
If you want to purchase a new sticker. Here is the link to our official store: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001412632598.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.9.994e1361SyUm9N

Q5:Do you have a service center in our country?

Sorry to tell you that currently there is no service center in your country. For general questions, you can refer to our dash cam's FAQ, user guide and user manual. Regarding other problems about your dash cam, you can contact your seller directly to ask for help. If you have any other suggestions, please send your suggestion to us via help@70mai.com.

Q6: Can I use the third party's hardwire kit?

To avoide the hardwire kit malfunction due to device incompatibility, it is recommended to use a hardwire kit from 70mai brand.

APP Questions:

Q1: How to receive the verification code?

1. Some emails can not receive the verification code immediately because of the server delay. The verification code should be received in 30 minutes.

2. You can use another email or use Facebook to log in directly if the sign-up verification code takes too long to receive.

Q2: How to add 70mai Smart Dash Cam M300 on 70mai app?

1. Open the 70mai app and tap“Add Device” on the homepage.

2. Find “70mai Smart Dash Cam M300” in the device list, and tap the device picture to enter the connection process.

3. Turn on the Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot and then complete the connection according to the prompts on the app screen.

Q3: Why can’t my device be connected to two mobile phones at the same time?

Currently, the device does not support connection to two mobile phones at the same time. To connect to another mobile phone, please delete the device on the previous mobile phone.

Q4: How to download 70mai APP?


Please search 70mai on Google Play to download the 70mai APP in your area.


Please make sure that after you log in to your account outside of mainland China, search for 70mai in the APP Store to download the 70mai APP in your area.

Overseas users can also choose to download 70mai app via the download page official website: https://www.70mai.com/en/download/#download

Q5: How to download video from your 70mai dash cam?

You can follow the instruction below to download your video to local album. 

Download the video from your device---------Find this in your 70mai APP's album----------Transfer your video from 70mai album to your local album. If you have any issues contacting us or any more questions, please let us know. :)

Hardware Questions:

Q1: How to turn on the device?

The device supports the following ways to turn on:

Press the power button once to turn on the dash cam.

Connect the cigarette lighter socket and start the vehicle. The cigarette lighter socket will be powered by the vehicle and the dash cam will be turned on automatically.

In the parking surveillance mode, the dash cam will be turned on automatically when any collisions or movements of the vehicle is detected.

Note: If no external power supply is connected and the built-in battery has a low capacity, the dash cam will not be started.

Q2: Why the dash cam doesn't work when the vehicle is started?

1. Please check the connection between the dash cam, power cable and car charger.

2. This situation occurs may due to the unmatched voltage between the cigarette lighter socket and the dash cam. Make sure you use the standard power cable and car charger within the package in case of incompaticity issues.

Q3: What types of videos does the dash cam record?

Dash cam records the following types of videos:

Normal video

Emergency video

Parking surveillance video

Time-lapse video

Q4: How to record an emergency video?

Emergency video recording is enabled by default. When the dash cam is turned on, it can record an emergency video automatically when it defects any collosions.

The process of recording an emergency video can't be interupted. When the emergency video recording is completed, the dash cam automatically enters the normal video recording mode.

Q5: How to enable the parking surveillance function?

The parking surveillance function can be enabled only after the parking surveillance cable( 70mai hardwire kit) is installed.

Parking surveillance function is disabled by default. After the parking surveillance cable is installed and the dash cam is connected with your phone, you can enable it in the dash cam's "settings".

Q6: What memory card does dash cam support?

Dash cam supports microSD cards with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Some microSD cards with other capacities and lower levels may also be used, but we do not guarantee their effective recording. Low-level SD cards may cause slower writing and video recording errors.

In addition, please use genuine SD cards bought from regular channels. If you use a microSD card of poor quality, there may be video writing errors or damaged videos in the video list after for a period of time.

Firmware Questions:

Q1: Does the M300 support voice control?

No, currently M300 doesn't support voice control function.

Q2: What can I do if I can not connect the wifi of the device?

1. Please open the location authorize of the 70mai APP in the system setting list for solving this problem.

2. Please check whether your device is correct or not. Smart Dash cam and Dash cam 1S are totally different.

3. Please make sure that your wifi password filled in is correct.

Q3: What if I forget the dash cam Wi-Fi password?

In this case, please restore the dash cam to factory settings by pressing the power button 5 time in a row. The Wi-Fi password will change to the default password 12345678.

Q4: How to change the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

After the dash cam is connected with your phone, you can change password in the dash cam's Settings-set Wi-Fi password. Please follow the instructions on the screen to change the password.

After modifying the dash cam's Wi-Fi password. the phone needs to reconnect to the dash cam's hotspot with the new password.

Q5: Why the dash cam indicates that the memory card is abnormal?

In the situation below, the dash cam will indicate that the memory card is abnormal:

The microSD card capacity is less than 8G;

The read/write speed of the microSD card is less than Class 10;

The microSD is aged;

The microSD card is unidentifiable;

The microSD card contains files incompatible with the dash cam;

The format is incorrect. The microSD card needs to be formatted when it is used for the first time in the dash cam.

Q6:How to upgrade the firmware?

Here is the upgrading path in 70mai APP:  Download 70mai APP---Enable hotspot and connect your cell phone the device------ Tap the app top-left icon---- Choose My device------Download the latest firmware----Reconnect your cell phone and push the firmware to the 1S----Connect the power resource and wait until the update succeeded.

Q7: How can I change Chinese to English version?
70mai Dash Cam do not support the switch from Chinese to English and it may cause the incompatibility of the two versions. Please contact your seller to get an English version. If you need any help, please contact us via help@70mai.com.

Q8: How to enable the time-lapse function?

The time-lapse function can only be used when the parking surveillance cable(70mai hardwire kit) is installed.

After the parking surveillance cable is installed and the dash cam is connected with your phone, you can enable it in the dash cam's Settings.

Once enabled, when the vehicle is shut off, the dash cam will enter the time-lapse recording mode when detecting the ACC off signal. When the dash cam detects the ACC on signal, it will exit the time-lapse recording mode. 

Q9: How many languages does this dash cam support?

9. They are EN/JP/RU/KR/SP/PT/TC/PL/TH.

We will keep updating this thread, please contact us via help@70mai.com if you can not find your question on the list.


70mai Team

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