Will voice commands come back?

Hi all. After days of research I finally pulled the trigger for an A800s with rear camera and connection kit.

I fired up the camera in my kitchen and was yelling voice commands at it for a few minutes :D only to find they went unheard.

Voice control was one of the features that made me go for the 70mai series and now I´m not even sure if I should install it into my vehicle. Will voice control return? Could I downgrade to an older version?

Removing the option completely is a hughe blow. Sure they might have had troubles with accents and whatnot ... but removing the feature entirely before fixing it seems such a strange move. Why not leave it as is and enhance it with updates?

And a question about parking mode: the camera starts recording when a collision is detected. I guess there won´t be any sort of "pre-roll" in that recording. How fast does the camera starts recording?



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