The Alpha M300 Testing Project is About to Get Started

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As every volunteers of the Alpha M300 Testing Project is confirmed already, I'd like to inform that the project is about to get started.

I'm much grateful to introduce the volunteers, who come from Russia,Malaysia,Spain,Japan and Slovenia, to each other before it officially gets start.

Come and leave your comments here to know each other, you can also post everything you want here. 

70mai Alpha Testing Team

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  • Danil 2021-7-8
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    Hello everyone, my name is Danil, I'm from Russia. I welcome all candidates for testing :)
  • Shkiper3 2021-7-8
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    Привет, я тоже из России. С нетерпением ждем остальных тестеров!
  • Quintin 2021-7-8
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    Hi, I'm Dallas. The official account will create kinda formal thread or posts. We can have relax conversation here with this account. Haha 
  • Fivestar 2021-7-8
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    Hi all, i'm Fivestar form malaysia thanks official & dallas give this benefits hahahaha.
  • Quintin 2021-7-8
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    Shkiper3 Привет, я тоже из России. С нетерпением ждем остальных тестеров!
    Hi Shkiper3. There might not so many forum members can recognize Russian. Why not try English this time? haha
  • Quintin 2021-7-8
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    Fivestar Hi all, i'm Fivestar form malaysia thanks official & dallas give this benefits hahahaha.
    Welcome to be here, Fivestar. You can choose a picture you like as your avatar. :)
  • Shkiper3 2021-7-8
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    Quintin Hi Shkiper3. There might not so many forum members can recognize Russian. Why not try English this t ...

    I understood you. It will be done. 

  • Oscar_89 2021-7-8
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    Hello! My name is Oscar and I am from Spain, thanks to Dallas for this opportunity!!
  • Shkiper3 2021-7-8
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    Oscar_89 Hello! My name is Oscar and I am from Spain, thanks to Dallas for this opportunity!!
    Hi Oscar, welcome to our testers group. Are you born in 1989?
  • Carlos 2021-7-8
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    Hi guys. I'm carlos from Malaysia. Thanks dallas for invitation 
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-8
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    Shkiper3 Hi Oscar, welcome to our testers group. Are you born in 1989?
    Yes!! At June!
  • Red_K 2021-7-8
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    Nice to meet you all.
    I'm participating in the test from Japan.
  • Quintin 2021-7-8
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    Red_K Nice to meet you all. I'm participating in the test from Japan.

    Why not choose an avatar for you? haha You can check the attachment to know how.

  • Shkiper3 2021-7-8
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    Добро пожаловать к нам в гости. И привет вам из России! 

  • 70mai 2021-7-8
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    Shkiper3 Добро пожаловать к нам в гости. И привет вам из России! 
    That's soooo cool, how can you use emoji? :)
  • Shkiper3 2021-7-8
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    unfortunately there are no emoticons here.  I insert them as a picture.

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    Hi my name mohamed from MOROCCO 

    I am in testing 

  • Red_K 2021-7-9
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    Quintin Red_K Nice to meet you all. I'm participating in the test from Japan. W ...
    Thank you.
    I've set it up.
  • Quintin 2021-7-9
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    M-DRV_1621293156276 Hi my name mohamed from MOROCCO I am in testin ...
    hahaha, you bad guy.
  • Quintin 2021-7-9
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    Red_K Thank you. I've set it up.
    Your avatar is kinda lovely.
  • Quintin 2021-7-9
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    M-DRV_1621293156276 Hi my name mohamed from MOROCCO I am in testin ...
    why not change an alias and set a picture as your avatar?
  • Amicussamir 2021-7-13
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    I can't wait to test new camera. 
    I hope, I will be able to see what is going on behind my car :)
  • Amicus 2021-7-16
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    I had impression that M300 also has back camera.
    My bad.
  • Amicus 2021-7-16
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    I'm disappointed to see that M300 doesn't have GPS. Accident video without actual speed at the moment of the crash doesn't worth much.
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-17
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    I have already received the camera and I really want to try it, I show you some photos so you can see a little unboxing. The camera seems robust and I like the navy blue color, greetings!

  • Amicus 2021-7-17
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    My 70mai M300 unboxing experience.

    70mai M300 in the box

    All components together

    Hardwire kit (doesn't work)

    Connecting to the 70mai app (from my Dash Cam Pro)


    - Box is quite nice (similar to the 70mai Dash Cam pro)

    - It's all tightly packed and easy to access

    - It's nice that you have packed two electrostatic stickers and two gluing pads


    - It's quite hard to peel off lens protection sticker. I had really hard time doing it with my fingers.

    - Charger has only one USB port. It would be nice to have two USB ports so I can charge my mobile phone while camera is connected to the cigarette lighter

    - To be able to insert microSD cart, you need quite long fingernails.

    - It's unnecessary to have three part box for camera. It's just creating too much trash.

  • Amicus 2021-7-17
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    I have connected M300 camera to the 2A USB mobile charger and it works.

    Hardwire kit, on the other hand, doesn't work.
    I have connected it to the 7Ah 12V battery, but camera doesn't detect it.
    When I connect hardwire cable to the camera and try to enable parking surveillance, 70mai app shows message that cabel is not connected.

    I have connected hardwire cable to my phone and even phone doesn't detect any power. I beleive that my hardwire kit is broken.

  • Oscar_89 2021-7-17
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    Amicus, have you checked that you have connected the cables to the correct fuses? I use this type of adapter to connect it to the fuses and I have had no problems

  • Amicus 2021-7-17
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    Oscar_89 Amicus, have you checked that you have connected the cables to the correct fuses? I use this type of ...
    I have connected it directly to the 7Ah 12V battery (from UPS). 
    If I short circuit ACC and VCC+ and connect it to the battery + it should work, but I don't get any power. 
    The same thing is when I disconnect VCC+.
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-18
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    Today I have installed the dashcam and for now everything is perfect, you can see that it has more visual field than the previous model (D01 / D01S)

    最后于 2021-7-19 被Oscar_89编辑 ,原因: Update post
  • Amicus 2021-7-20
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    I have fixed hardwire kit. One SMD fuse inside was burnt. After I have fixed it, hardwire kit started to work.
    I have tested it on 12V, 7Ah battery.
    Soon, I will test it in ny car.
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-20
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    Can you show the fuse that you have repaired? It can be good information in case it happens to any of us in the future... Regards!
  • Amicus 2021-7-21
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    Oscar_89 Can you show the fuse that you have repaired? It can be good information in case it happens to any o ...

    Hi Oscar_89.
    As you can se on the picture bellow, I have bypassed small SMD componnent with thin wire.
    After that, hardwire kit came alive.

  • Oscar_89 2021-7-21
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    Lots of thanks Amicus!!
  • Amicus 2021-7-21
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    Did anyone noticed that video download speed sometimes goes up to 3.5MB/s and stays around that speed, but sometimes it jumps between very low (98.7KB/s) and around 1.5MB/s?
    Today I had to retry downloading the same video 4 times (1 minute long, 120MB video).

  • Red_K 2021-7-22
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    Amicus Did anyone noticed that video download speed sometimes goes up to 3.5MB/s and stays around that spee ...
    Doesn't it get faster when you turn off Bluetooth?
  • Amicus 2021-7-23
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    Red_K Hi Doesn't it get faster when you turn off Bluetooth?
    I don't see the reason why would blueetooth have influence on WiFi speed, but I will try video download with bluetooth turned off.
    While I'm in the car I keep bluetooth on so phone can connect with car's multimedia interface.
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-24
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    Has anyone tried the parking mode? No matter how much I try to move and hit the car, I can't activate it ... I have the high sensitivity mode but it doesn't activate, the cable kit is well installed and I don't know why it does not work ...
  • Amicus 2021-7-28
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    I have tried parking mode and it doesn't work for me too.
    I did following steps:
    1. connected hardwire kit
    2. enabled parking mode in 70mai app
    3. set sensitivity to high
    4. turned off car contact (ACC)
    5. locked my car
    5. waited 1 minute
    6. shook my care few times wery hard
    7. unlocked my car
    8. turned on contach (ACC)
    9. conencted to camera WiFi
    10. checked recordings

    Parking mode section has no recorded videos
    I have checked Normal section, but there were no video recordings from the time I have shook my car.

    So, I conform what Oscar_89 wrote - parking mode doesn't work.
  • Amicus 2021-7-28
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    This is how I have connected hardwire kit:

    I have added switch for turning ON/OFF parking mode power supply in case that I have to leave my car for longer period of time on the parking, to prevent car battery depletion.

    Fuses are added for extra security. Those are not fuses from the car electrical installation.

  • Amicus 2021-7-28
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    Hardware improvement suggestions:

    1. Camera mount should be stronger. Currently it's too week and camera is oscilating/vibrating on any bump on the road.

    2. Hardwire kit should have switch for turning off constant power supply in order to prevent car battery deplition when I leave my car on the parking lot for longer period of time.

  • mockapapa 2021-7-30
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    Nice to meet you all. I started testing in Korea. I'll post a picture as soon as the item arrives.
  • Amicus 2021-7-30
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    Amicus I have tried parking mode and it doesn't work for me too. I did following steps: 1. connected hard ...

    I stand corrected.
    Parknig mode WORKS, but 5minutes after you turn off ACC power.
    So, after you turn off and lock you car, you must wait atleast 5 minutes before you shake or hit your car in order to activate parking mode recording.
    Recorded video goes to the Parking section.

  • Amicus 2021-7-30
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    Oscar_89 Has anyone tried the parking mode? No matter how much I try to move and hit the car, I can't activat ...
    It works for my camera.
    I just had to wait 5 minutes before I shook my car.
    If you hit your car inside first 5 minutes, nothing is recorded.
    But, after 5 minutes, parking mode starts to work.
  • Oscar_89 2021-7-31
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    I try it a few hours after lock the car but nothing happens... The parking mode doesn't work and I don't know why... What do you do to start this mode? I am try to move down the front of the car with my hands...

    最后于 2021-8-1 被Oscar_89编辑 ,原因: Update text
  • Amicus 2021-8-1
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    Oscar_89 I try it a few hours before lock the car but nothing happens... The parking mode doesn't work and I ...
    First, I have wired hardwire kit and turned off and on my car once to test if it hardwire kit works.
    After that, I have disabled automatic camera shutdown and enabled parking mode.
    On the end, I drowe my car for 20 minutes (short trip), parked my car and locked it.
    I have heard voice from the camera mentioning that parking mode will start in 5 minutes.
    I was away for 40 to 45 minutes.
    I have shook my car before unlocking it.
    After starting my  car, I have found video in Parking section (70mai app)
  • Amicus 2021-8-4
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    Red_K Hi Doesn't it get faster when you turn off Bluetooth?
    I have tried video download with and without bluetooth on and there is no diffefence. Good thing is that speed wasn't low as last time.
  • Amicus 2021-8-6
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    I have just finished update to the 1.0.2ww firmware.

    Update process went withiut any problem, but there is something else.

    Now camera doesn't work if my hardwire kit isn't connected to the continious +12V.

    I have added switch to turn off continious power supply for parking mode if I want it, and camera worked.

    Now, ehen I turn off continious power supply, camera anounces that battery is low and shuts down. Camera deesn't detect ACC +12V without continious +12V.

    I don't like it.

    I want to be able to turn off parking mode power supply when I don't need it.

  • Oscar_89 2021-8-8
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    I have already update the dashcam too and i haven't got any problem with this (I have a normal installation of the 70Mai hardware kit), Amicus maybe you can measure the power consumption of the camera on standby since I don't think it is much and it is not worth losing the parking function
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I have measured camera consumption on parking mode.

    While camera is working normaly, it draws around 201mA on a constant power supply line.

    When it falls to the parking mode, it draws 2.8mA.

    If I shake my car while camera is in the parking mode it starts recording and draws up to the 161mA.

    After recording is finished, current falls again to the 2.8mA.

    So, camera is not a big load on parking mode.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I have some suggestions regarding WiFi connectivity:

    1. It would be very nice to be able to change name of the camera's WiFi.

    Reason: I don't want to advertise which camera do I have in my car. Why would I serve additional informations to the potencial hacker if I don't have to?

    2. It was essential to be able to connect camera to the car's WiFi.

    Reason: My phone is automatically connected to the car's WiFi. So if I want to check camera video, I need to reconnect it to the camera, download video/configure camera, reconnect my phone back to my car's WiFi!

    It's so annoying! I don't want to do that all the time.

    11 Months+
  • Danil 11 Months+
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    Amicus I have measured camera consumption on parking mode.While camera is working normaly, it draws around ...

    What is the consumption in the timelapse mode?

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I haven't tested timelapse mode yet, but I will measure consumtion once I try it.
    Something tells me that it will be around consumption when camere starts to record parking video, around 160mA.
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    Does anyone have problems connecting phone to the camera's WiFi?
    Password is remembered on my phone, but I often get message that password is not correct.

    I just try again and phone gets connected.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    Camera bug!
    I have deleted some video recordings (more than 100) from 70mai app.
    After turning off and on my car I have heard voice from camera telling me that I need to format SDcard!
    After starting app I get the same message.
    So I have formated my SD card and lost all my recordings.

    I hope it will be fixed because nobody wants dash cam that can't keep recordings.
    11 Months+
  • Oscar_89 11 Months+
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    The same problem with the format the sd card is at my dashcam... At first I think that the problem was into the sd bit I tried various sd card with the same result... Please fix it soon!!
    11 Months+
  • Oscar_89 11 Months+
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    A new "error", when you download a video from Dashcam and want to play it on the phone, the video and sound are delayed ... Does it happen to more people too? I have tried to download it and send it by whatsapp and the same thing happens ...
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I have different problem with video. If I play it on my phone with muted sound, it plays fine.
    But, when I enable sound, video starts, then stops, starts, stops and so on.
    Video plays for about 2 seconds then stops, then continues, stops...  It's jumping that way until I mute sound.
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus I have just finished update to the 1.0.2ww firmware.Update process went withiut any problem, but the ...
    What's going on with this problem? Do you need the firmware and guide to refresh the firmware?

    The firmware upgrade should not lead to such problem....
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus I have some suggestions regarding WiFi connectivity:1. It would be very nice to be able to change na ...
    I've recorded the first suggestion.

    But the second suggestion will lead to one problem: Your phone will not able to connect the network when you connect the M300 wifi. Do you want to keep the connection all the time?
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus Camera bug! I have deleted some video recordings (more than 100) from 70mai app. After turning off ...
    What's the brand and storage of the card you are using now?

    Does this happens every time you delete the video in your 70mai APP?
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Oscar_89 The same problem with the format the sd card is at my dashcam... At first I think that the problem w ...
    Copy that
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus I have different problem with video. If I play it on my phone with muted sound, it plays fine. But, ...
    That's weird. @Oscar Do you have such problem as well?
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    70mai What's going on with this problem? Do you need the firmware and guide to refresh the firmware? Th ...
    I have measured consumption during parking mode and it's 2.8mA, so it's not problem to keep it connected to the constant power supply.
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    70mai What's the brand and storage of the card you are using now? Does this happens every time you dele ...

    I'm using KINGSTON 128GB, class 10 microSD card. It's brand new microSD. I bought it for this camera.

    I have tried deleting videos only onece on this camera, so I don't know if it happens every time. I will try deleting some more videos.

    I can tel you that I had similar problem with my 70mai Dash Cam pro - camera stopped recording videos after I have deleted some videos thru 70mai app.

    I had to format SD card so camera can resume recording.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I've recorded the first suggestion.

    But the second suggestion will lead to one problem: Your phone will not able to connect the network when you connect the M300 wifi. Do you want to keep the connection all the time?

    WiFi in my car is active every time when I turn on ACC, and stays active until I lock my car.
    My phone connects to the car's WiFi every time I enter the vehicle and if camera can do the same as my phone (connect to the car's WiFi) camera would be accessible to my phone.
    Only thing is that you must enable camera to work in client mode (not only in access point mode) and accept incoming connections from WiFi network.
    Basically, DashCam should work as IP camera.

    11 Months+
  • Oscar_89 11 Months+
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    70mai That's weird. @Oscar Do you have such problem as well?

    Yes Dallas, it is the same problem that Amicus

    最后于 11 Months+ 被Oscar_89编辑 ,原因: Update text
    11 Months+
  • Oscar_89 11 Months+
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    Dallas has explain to me that the problem of the video/sound is caused by H265 compression, some default video player can't play the high compression of the videos.

    The solution is mute the videos to works well
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    I'm still asking for solutions, that's a problem for sure.
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    Oscar_89 Dallas has explain to me that the problem of the video/sound is caused by H265 compression, some def ...
    No, it can't be h265 problem because I have 70mai Dash cam pro configured tu use h265 compression, and video from that camera doesn't skip on the same phone.
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus No, it can't be h265 problem because I have 70mai Dash cam pro configured tu use h265 compression, a ...
    That's important.
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Amicus No, it can't be h265 problem because I have 70mai Dash cam pro configured tu use h265 compression, a ...
    The point is they are using different platform(chip).
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I have done manual firmware update to version 1.0.4ww

    There is no need to format microSD card.

    Just copy FW_DR1300.bin to the SD card root, insert it in to the camera and connect power.

    After up to 1 minute, camera will announce that update has succedded.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
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    I have tested parking mode sensitivity with new firmware.
    It seems better but, for me it's still unsensitive.
    Camera detects when I slam doors but not when I kick tire with my foot or if I bump side of the car with my palm.
    Camera is mounted on the back doors windshield and doesn't start recording when I open and close them (electric open/close)
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
    0 Quote 76Floor

    Can anyone confirm after how many seconds after event (bumping parked car) camera starts recording in parking mode?
    I can't see that camera records actual event (car that bumped me), just time AFTER event.

    11 Months+
  • Danil 11 Months+
    0 Quote 77Floor
    Amicus Can anyone confirm after how many seconds after event (bumping parked car) camera starts recording in parking mode?

    Yes, after 8 seconds.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
    0 Quote 78Floor
    Then, parking mode is useless!
    I don't want to know what is happening after someone slams into my car.
    I need evidence who did it.
    My old dash cam recorded video only when detects movement, but recorded video also contains some time BEFORE movement happened so I can see what actually happened.
    11 Months+
  • Danil 11 Months+
    0 Quote 79Floor
    The timelapse + parking mode is effective in this model. You will see the event both before and after.
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
    0 Quote 80Floor
    That means, when you see that you have parking mode video recorded, you must check time of the recorded video and find time laps video from that time and check some time before.
    That's lot of searching and browsing thru the video clips.
    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
    0 Quote 81Floor

    I have tested time laps mode and I'm not satisfied at all.
    I can't attach video here but when I play time laps video I just see one big blur.

    Seconds fly like crazy and I can't see anything.

    70mai app video player should recognize time laps video and play it in slow motion so user can see what was recorded.

    This recording is useless if I can't slow it down.

    Besides that, camera recorded time laps videos after first turning off my car.

    When I started my car driwe to another parking, left my car for one hour, canera didn't made any video. Nothing was recorded.

    11 Months+
  • Amicus 11 Months+
    0 Quote 82Floor
    After last camera firmware update, my 70mai app is constantly crashing when connected to the M300 camera.
    It freezes every time after I play recorded video.
    11 Months+
  • Shkiper3 11 Months+
    0 Quote 83Floor
    Amicus After last camera firmware update, my 70mai app is constantly crashing when connected to the M300 ca ...
    I have no such problems. Try resetting your camera to factory settings and reinstalling the app completely.
    11 Months+
  • Oscar_89 11 Months+
    0 Quote 84Floor
    My M300 dashcam works fine but the parking mode continues to give problems since the sensitivity it has does not make it work well
    11 Months+
  • Danil 10 Months+
    0 Quote 85Floor
    Oscar_89 My M300 dashcam works fine but the parking mode continues to give problems since the sensitivity it  ...

    Have you updated the firmware to version 1.0.4(z)ww in the app for testers? I recommend that you do this. In the new version, everything is fine with the sensitivity setting in the parking lot.

    10 Months+
  • Oscar_89 10 Months+
    0 Quote 86Floor
    Yes, I have updated the firmware but the parking mode doesn't works well, maybe a bit better than before but it is not fine at all...
    10 Months+
  • Shkiper3 10 Months+
    0 Quote 87Floor
    Oscar_89 Yes, I have updated the firmware but the parking mode doesn't works well, maybe a bit better than be ...
    Install new firmware version 1.0.5 (18.09.2021) and check again. You can update via the application midrive_v1.11.3B0_all_70mai_na_dev_debug.apk
    10 Months+
  • Oscar_89 10 Months+
    0 Quote 88Floor
    Thanks for the message! I will try it :)
    10 Months+
  • Amicus 10 Months+
    0 Quote 89Floor
    Shkiper3 Install new firmware version 1.0.5 (18.09.2021) and check again. You can update via the application  ...

    Where did you get firmware V1.0.5?
    Last firmware I have received is version 1.0.4ww

    最后于 10 Months+ 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
    10 Months+
  • Shkiper3 10 Months+
    0 Quote 90Floor
    Amicus Where did you get firmware V1.0.5? Last firmware I have received if version 1.0.4ww
    You can update via the application midrive_v1.11.3B0_all_70mai_na_dev_debug.apk
    10 Months+
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