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To all customers,

Thank you for your support.

As we received plenty of repeated questions from you, we decided to create this thread to post answers here. This thread will keep updating to help you solve your problems.

Here are the questions and answers:



Hardware Questions:


1. Why the watch screen can’t light up?

If the watch screen goes off and raising your wrist to illuminate the screen or tapping the upper button/lower button doesn’t turn the screen on, try the following:

It may be because the watch has insufficient power, so connect to the charging stand to check the battery.

Press and hold the upper button for 15 seconds to force the watch to restart. After restarting, check the watch firmware version. If it isn’t the latest version, upgrade to the latest version for a better user experience.


2. Why touch swipe on watch screen does not work?

When touch swiping doesn’t work, press the upper button or lower button to first illuminate the screen and check whether it is locked or not. If the screen is locked, press the upper button or lower button to unlock the screen.

If the watch screen is not locked, and the screen still does not support touch operations, press and hold the upper button for 15 seconds to force restart the watch.


Firmware Questions:


1. When lifting doesn't illuminate the screen, what should I do?

Confirm whether the Raise to Wake function has been turned on: on the watch face main page, swipe from the bottom edge of the interface to open the control panel. The Raise to Wake icon being blue indicates that it has been turned on.

Check the setting of the effective period for Raise to Wake; the watch only activates the Raise to Wake function during the effective period.

As much as possible, stop when the watch screen points towards your face when turning or lifting your wrist.


2. When unread notification message is missing

Reason: You may have too many unread messages. The watch can receive a maximum of 20 message notifications. If there are more than 20, the newly received message will overwrite a previous message.

Solution: Please check message notifications on your watch promptly; if you find that an unread message is lost, check it on your phone.


3. Why message text on the watch is not fully displayed?

70mai Saphir Watch is positioned as a product with long battery life for workout and health monitoring; based on RTOS, its hardware capabilities determine that it cannot display too long text content. Received message notifications that exceed 140 characters will end with an ellipsis. Check the complete message notification on your phone.


4. What can I do when there is slow watch positioning and slow satellite finding?

Before using GPS, first connect the 70mai Health app, which can greatly increase the satellite finding speed.

GPS positioning is strongly affected by environmental factors; factors such as high-rise blockages, signal reflections, metal interference, water reflection interference (lakeside, seaside) all have a shielding effect on GPS signals, resulting in slow satellite finding. It is recommended that you exercise in a place with few blockages and an open environment.


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