Cannot connet to dash cam's WI-Fi hotspot

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Dear Community,

I have problems to connect to my dash cam.

My Device: iPhone 7, iOS 14.6

Location permission for 70Mai App is granted

I have completed the steps as described in the app. However, all this was not successful:

1. Start App

2. Click "Add Device"

3. Select "70 Mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+" in the List (I have take a picture of my device )

4. Make Sure the Wi-Fi Hotspot is activated on the Dash Cam

5. Connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi Hotspot

6. Return to 70Mai App

I tried it a couple of times, but I still get this error: Not connected to dash cam's Wi-Fi hotspot.

I recorded a video, so you can follow the steps better:

Is this a known issue?

Is this problem already being worked on?

What can I do to connect the device to my smartphone?

Best regards


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