Hello! Please, add HDR mode!

I Know, sensor is support HDR, need finalize firmware

sensor has next modes. need activate it:

3840x2160 @ 15fps _HDR

3840x2160 @ 20fps _HDR

3840x2160 @ 30fps _HDR

2592x1944 @ 30fps _HDR

2944x1656 @ 30fps _HDR

2688x1520 @ 30fps _HDR

1920х1080 @ 30fps _HDR

1920х1080 @ 60fps

3840x2160 @ 20fps

3072x2048 @ 30fps

3072x1728 @ 30fps

2592x1944 @ 30fps

2944x1656 @ 30fps

2560x1440 @ 30fps

3840x2160 @ 30fps

Now i don't see car number

ps. A500 has HDR

A800s (flagship) does not - why?

Add please rear camera preview from phone

A800s has bad picture quality (see pictures)

very slow speed, parking Shopping mall. day 

最后于 14 Days+ 被M-DRV_1623005717387编辑 ,原因:
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    This also happens to me. I just got my A800s a couple of days ago. Updated to latest firmware 1.0.0ww. I expect to see better performance from the 4K camera but I can’t even see the license plate of the car in front of me in broad day lights. Very disappointed. I hope 70mai would update firmware real soon because this is becoming a common problem.
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    check this thread:
    They admitted there is an issue and promised to fix it but never heard from them again. I am beginning to doubt it is a hardware issue with the recent batch and not a software issue.
    Here is the footage from my camera:
    absolutely terrible
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    bad quality (face and numbers)

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    ya, total garbage. It was a waste of money. They told me you have to pay for shipping if want to return the item. 
    It is defective and they will not admit it. The lens is the issue and I don't believe a firmware will fix the it.
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