A800S Video Quality issue

I have had the A800S for a month and very unhappy with the video quality, signs/license plates are unreadable unless really closr and at a standstill. I have the 70Mai Pro and that dashcam has a much better video quality.

70Mai support are refusing to acknowledge that there is an issue and saying it looks perfectly normal!

Here is the Video:


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  • kopidoo 3 Months+
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    Same issue in this thread:

    I have sent video samples and everything they want. Still waiting for the supports point of view...
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    Yes, there is video quality problem. Even you're using 4k resolution and you have good light conditions.
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    The reply I received from 70Mai  is that it is a user related issue and there is nothing wrong with the Dashcam ! Apple can not make such a claim that a device does not have an issue.
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    Hi, I've confirmed the problem and we will optimize the video&image quality in next version
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days).

    Thank you so much for your feedback and private messages. Thank you for your support.
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  • kopidoo 3 Months+
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    Will the image have more postprocessing (end result may be questionable...) like sharpening? Or the video bitrate will be also higher?
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  • Titan1um 3 Months+
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...

    So, is not a hardware problem? Is software?

    I ask you because I sold my camera, to wait a new batch. I thought it was a hardware problem in the batch from 03.2021. 

    Can you confirm that is just software?

    I want to know if I can buy another camera right now.

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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    Titan1um 70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank yo ...
    Thank you for your message. We have received your suggestions and added your suggestion to the suggestion list, we will fix this issue and taking seriously about your suggestion.
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    70mai Thank you for your message. We have received your suggestions and added your suggestion to the sugge ...
    My Dashcam is a 04.2021 and I have issues with the video quality. I would suggest you wait before buying as they have not confirmed that it is a software issue
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  • Titan1um 3 Months+
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    So, same problem with 04.2021.
    Still waiting for update and your feedbacks after you install new update 
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    I examined the videos from the A800S, and it seems to be using a very low bitrate which might be the reason behind the bad quality. I compared the bitrate with another 4K dashcam from another brand and it is almost half, which explains the small file size. 70Mai does not allow for a user selected bitrate which makes no sense!
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...
    Any update on the fix?
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...
    Any news? it has been more than a week?
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    M-DRV_1622053473880 Any news? it has been more than a week?
    Hi, we are pushing forward this matter and I believe that it will be improved in the next firmware if there is no accident. Let's look forward to it together.
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    New firmware is out, but the video quality is still abysmal. Your top-of-the-line A800S shoots worse video than the most budget model. This is your biggest failure.

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    I bought a complete A 800S and I am saddened.  The advertised super quality 4K, very doubtful here.  When you plan to release an update, I have 10 days to return the order back.
    2 Months+
  • LexGa1 2 Months+
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    Dear company representatives 70mai.
    You cannot solve the problem for more than 1 month, is it worth recognizing this problem and recalling the defective devices ?! At the moment, you are only spoiling your reputation, 800s is a crude product with a bad picture. But I was denied his return, as it was not recognized as a defect on your part. 

    PS My 70 cam pro d02 makes videos much clearer! 
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  • LexGa1 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1626801605213 I bought a complete A 800S and I am saddened. The advertised super quality 4K, very doubtful here. ...
    it is better to return the goods while there is time. There is a chance that this problem will not be solved by the firmware. Either buy 500s or see another manufacturer. 
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  • Cyberfrog77 1 Months+
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    Some update on this issue would be nice !!!  

    did they fix something? bitrate or anything else ? 
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  • LexGa1 1 Months+
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    the manufacturer has acknowledged the problem, but does not know how to solve it. Since this problem cannot be solved by the firmware.
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  • LexGa1 1 Months+
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    the manufacturer has acknowledged the problem, but does not know how to solve it. Since this problem cannot be solved by the firmware.
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  • LexGa1 1 Months+
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    @70mai return money or exchange 800s for normal and working devices. 
    1 Months+
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    70mai disgraced ?!  such an impressive advertisement and such an indistinct product.  if you cannot make a clear picture, add functionality.  Why can't you enter a giving dog for the Russian market, separate sound activation in parking mode, the ability to view the image from the rear camera on a smartphone ... You don't do anything ...
    1 Months+
  • snnrman 1 Months+
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    Yeah i will NEVER buy anything from 70mai. A800S is a flagship and it's waste of money. 
    1 Months+
  • Waldirph 23 Days+
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    boa noite
    tambem estou com uma A800S com imagem muito ruim os video sai todo embasado muito ruim ,ja fiz de tudo e nao melhora nada ,ja nao sei o que fazer ta muito ruim as imagem e video.
    23 Days+
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    70mai Hi, we are pushing forward this matter and I believe that it will be improved in the next firmware i ...
    Any more news, quality is still the same for some reason.
    One easy suggestion would be to improve the bitrate of the video. Right now it's only 23,9Mb/s and that's low for a 4K video. Something like atleast 35-45 would be better but I would go with 50Mb/s to be on the safe side.

    Sure, we will get less time out of the memory cards but tbh. the true reason for having a dashcam is to save quality images and videos of an accident, not being able to record hours of driving where nothing happends,
    20 Days+
  • kenza_750 15 Days+
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    I set my A800S to 1080p, 4K is really useless. uses too much space and video quality is horrible. 
    I decided if there is no update which improves video quality within (let's say) 1 month, I will replace my A800S with another brand/model which records 1080p and has good parking mode (buffered or timelapse). A800S seems useless for now to be honest.

    15 Days+
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    Dear sir, I have had the A800S dashcam in my car for 2weeks
    I want to review the recording video on the computer but am I sad that the video quality is too bad! I can't really see clearly!
    1. setting on the device is a 4k setting.
    2. What are the apps. to playback the video on the computer?
    3. when I playback the video why GPS location no data.
    4. The speed km/h also has no data?
    5. I used to calibrate the ADAS system but it always shows ADAS calibrate Fail?
    9 Days+
  • A800S_User 9 Days+
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    M-DRV_1631595007225 Dear sir, I have had the A800S dashcam in my car for 2weeks I want to review the recording video on ...
    You can try to use VLC as your playback app. That one works on my computer. 
    I don't use ADAS so I cannot help you with that. Regarding GPS data, there is a thread in this forum about extracting that data. I'm not sure if it is valid for A800S.

    I'm not happy with how my 70mai camera performs either.
    9 Days+
  • Waldirph 7 Days+
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    boa Noite, alguém sabe dizer se ja saiu atualização para a800s ,a minha ta com os video muito ruim ,a 70 mai mim pediu um video eu mandei,disse que e erro de QI para aguarda uma nova atualização,deveria devolver nosso dinheiro.
    7 Days+
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