A800S Video Quality issue

I have had the A800S for a month and very unhappy with the video quality, signs/license plates are unreadable unless really closr and at a standstill. I have the 70Mai Pro and that dashcam has a much better video quality.

70Mai support are refusing to acknowledge that there is an issue and saying it looks perfectly normal!

Here is the Video:


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  • kopidoo 25 Days+
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    Same issue in this thread:

    I have sent video samples and everything they want. Still waiting for the supports point of view...
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    Yes, there is video quality problem. Even you're using 4k resolution and you have good light conditions.
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    The reply I received from 70Mai  is that it is a user related issue and there is nothing wrong with the Dashcam ! Apple can not make such a claim that a device does not have an issue.
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  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    Hi, I've confirmed the problem and we will optimize the video&image quality in next version
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  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days).

    Thank you so much for your feedback and private messages. Thank you for your support.
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  • kopidoo 20 Days+
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    Will the image have more postprocessing (end result may be questionable...) like sharpening? Or the video bitrate will be also higher?
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  • Titan1um 19 Days+
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...

    So, is not a hardware problem? Is software?

    I ask you because I sold my camera, to wait a new batch. I thought it was a hardware problem in the batch from 03.2021. 

    Can you confirm that is just software?

    I want to know if I can buy another camera right now.

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  • 70mai 19 Days+
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    Titan1um 70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank yo ...
    Thank you for your message. We have received your suggestions and added your suggestion to the suggestion list, we will fix this issue and taking seriously about your suggestion.
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    70mai Thank you for your message. We have received your suggestions and added your suggestion to the sugge ...
    My Dashcam is a 04.2021 and I have issues with the video quality. I would suggest you wait before buying as they have not confirmed that it is a software issue
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  • Titan1um 19 Days+
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    So, same problem with 04.2021.
    Still waiting for update and your feedbacks after you install new update 
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    I examined the videos from the A800S, and it seems to be using a very low bitrate which might be the reason behind the bad quality. I compared the bitrate with another 4K dashcam from another brand and it is almost half, which explains the small file size. 70Mai does not allow for a user selected bitrate which makes no sense!
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...
    Any update on the fix?
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    70mai I will tell you guys the time when it was confirmed(in 3 days). Thank you so much for your feedba ...
    Any news? it has been more than a week?
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  • 70mai 11 Days+
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    M-DRV_1622053473880 Any news? it has been more than a week?
    Hi, we are pushing forward this matter and I believe that it will be improved in the next firmware if there is no accident. Let's look forward to it together.
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