Camera just burned my sd card

So like in thread. My camera working all time because i have an extra batterie. Todday when i popped in my car im looking on my camera and i see "sd card is damaged, please replace with a new sd card". I tried to use the sd card in my phone, but it shows no sd card. What now? Just bought 64gb card and im scared to put new in.

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  • seb_a800s 2 Months+
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    the sd card had probably a problem, it must be hard for a small card like that to record 24/24. with the climatic conditions of the car.

    if your card was second hand, it might be normal, try with the new one.

    I received mine today, my new card is exclusively dedicated to the dashcam, I could make a return when it will be dead. 
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    It was a brand new card, bought it 2 days ago. I try with another one, well see. I let you know.
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