parking surveillance not what i expected

I just installed the 800s, very good build quality and features. But the parking surveillance is not what i expected, i thought it will record when someone passes in front or behind the car and it detects movement and it records a short clip.

Maybe this feature can be implemented in addition to the Gsensor a motion detection option can be there.


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  • Roberto 1 Months+
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    No it cannot be changed because 70mai support team think that all is fine. Parking surveillance not working on A500S and A800S as well. Cam will start recording only once your car will be hit by the truck
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  • Mituc 1 Months+
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    In my case the parking surveillance doesn't work at all, I had to configure the camera in continuous recording mode.
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    Terrible !!! 
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  • MarikZMR 17 Days+
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    Hello guys.. so I brought the camera and installed (plugged to the car fuse box and so on) but on my side.. The sensor in order to start the video is not what I was expected.. Basically if i'm going to hit my front bumper with my punch or to shake the car.. the camera is not starting to record.. but if i'm going to knock with my finger the windscreen, the camera will start.. 

    That means.. if i'm at the mall and someone will scratch my car.. I will not be able to see who did it.. that's very annoying, this is the reason that I brought the camera, for this parking mode.

    The camera is installed on a Hyundai i20 - 2017.

    I will record some videos to share here.

    I hope it will get improved this feature
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  • MarikZMR 17 Days+
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    Hey there, so here is the video:

    @70mai could you please fix the sensibility for the parking surveillance?

    Forgot to mention that the OS Version is: 0.0.47.ww

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  • Dominikk 16 Days+
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    Try to upgrade to 1.0.0w
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  • Roberto 16 Days+
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    70mai please see how your upgrade from April 30th solve issue with sensitivity:

    Do you see it? Dash cam did not start recording while I’m shaking it manually. Sensitivity has been set up for high!! Are you serious?
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  • Zarth 12 Days+
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    70mai the 800S parking sensitivity is TERRIBLE and USELESS!!
    It won't start recoding until the car is hit by a truck even on HIGH sensitivity setting!!!
    So, if someone slightly hits your car on a carpark, breaking the headlight and the radiator grill - it WON'T RECORD the accident! This is useless!!!

    PLEASE FIX THE G-SENSOR SENSITIVITY!!! Add more levels, etc!
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  • Zarth 12 Days+
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    BTW, I am using fw 1.0.0w 
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  • MarikZMR 11 Days+
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    Dominikk Try to upgrade to 1.0.0w
    Hello @Dominikk, I upgraded the camera to 1.0.0w, the issue is still reproducing 
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    Hello, i've the same problem.
    I think motion pattern recognition is upgradeable.
    Look at this video
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  • MarikZMR 5 Days+
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    M-DRV_1623658860813 Hello, i've the same problem. I think motion pattern recognition is upgradeable. Look at this vide ...
    Hey, put the video on unlisted. For the moment is on private and we can't watch it. Thank you!
    5 Days+
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