A800S watermarks cannot be disabled completely ??

70mai 3 Months+ 378


How can i disable/remove the "70mai" watermark from all videos;

and as well remove "date/time" watermark ?

Also how it is possible to remove the "GPS coordinates" from video, but keep the "SPEED" info?

As well the watermark font is low resolution (quaility) for 4K video, this could be improved.


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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    Could you please tell me your firmware version?
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  • denial 2 Months+
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    It is  0.0.47ww
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  • 70mai 2 Months+
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    M-DRV_1618867798326 It is 0.0.47ww
    We need reasons based on demands to ask the engineers to develop options or functions.
    As for your questions:
    1.70mai logo do not have an option to remove.
    2.For users' safety, the date/time watermark can not be removed, and we will not support this option.
    3.I will add your suggestion to the list, but we need to hear more voice from other customer to make sure this request is essential.
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  • Titan1um 2 Months+
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    Yes, look like was a small picture but stretch to be bigger and now look like can see the pixels on the side of 7 where is this line / 
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  • denial 2 Months+
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    Reasons based on demands?
    Most of the users dont event know about this forum.
    Add the option for feedback/voting directly to the android application, then you will see more.
    Date cannot be removed for safety? That's no reason at all. 
    So all other dashcams where date can be turned off are UNSAFE???
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  • Mazda CX-9 2 Months+
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    denial Reasons based on demands? Most of the users dont event know about this forum. Add the option for f ...

    There is a feedback option in the app under settings. See attached screenshot.

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  • Mituc 2 Months+
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    I understand the price of each vendor for their products and thus the 70MAI logo, but can it made smaller if there will be no option of removing it completely (like the MINI cameras can)?
    Also, having the speed and GPS coordinates tied together is absolutely senseless. I want speed, but I don't need the GPS coordinates taking space from the video. I understand this is not an action camera but you have to understand that people buy 4k cameras for entertaining as well, but just parking surveillance and traffic incidents any 720p camera with a decent bitrate will do.
    Also, parking mode DOES NOT WORK properly, the camera shuts down after displaying the message that parking surveillance mode will start in 5 minutes. Now it's in continuous recording mode.
    I removed the old Itronics ITB500 the same day I installed the A800S and karma decided I should be the victim of a burglary attempt, so now I have no proof of who destroyed the driver's door handle in my car. 
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  • seb_a800s 2 Months+
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    I confirm what this member said about separating the date and GPS coordinates. 

    for the parking mode, I don't use the mode, I don't have the cable, so I couldn't help on that.
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